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First off, Happy Holidays! As you can see, we’re not selling anything in in this email, and we wanted to make sure we gave our wishes up front just in case you’re in last minute shopping mode.I’ve been contemplating the “holiday email” for a while now, and I was thinking wouldn’t it be great if I wrote something nostalgic and sweet? An ode to our customers, and a remembrance of what a great year it’s been. Then I got a few hundred (exaggeration) similar emails from other wine retailers (competitors, I’m on their lists) finishing with ‘buy this wine, after all we couldn’t do it without you.’ I figured if I went that route you’d either mark me as spam or puke in your sweater.

That doesn’t change the fact that this an important time of year for celebration and family, so I do want to say something. So let me get the sweater stuff out of the way. We do appreciate your business. We’re a small company, and it’s wonderful that you have chosen to support us in this age of large retailers who are able to build almost monopolies of internet presence. Thank you for loving wine with us.

So it’s the holiday season. The season of celebration. And presents for some people. Is it wrong to ask for a gift from your customers? Yes. Yet I ask. For my gift from you I have a simple request. Assuming you are a wine lover, which I think is safe, please remember that this is a season of celebration, and that as wine lovers, we all need to open at least one special bottle before the year ends.

Some will argue, “I don’t open anything good this time of year. I’m not going to waste my best bottles on people who won’t appreciate them.” I’m not saying open it at midnight on New Years or at a huge holiday party, I’ve made the case for other wines that operate in those situations. I’m saying that the season can get out of control and stressful with all our running around eating, doing the family thing, and overextending into all things holiday. Sometimes we forget to actually celebrate in a way that makes us happy. We love wine right? And we particularly love a good bottle. I say take one evening (or morning, if that’s the way you roll), get you’re lover or best friend and open something truly memorable. I’m not saying make a ceremony out of it. Just two people, two glasses, and a delicious selection from the cellar. There’s something therapeutic about a great bottle of wine uninterrupted by frills and planning. Sure maybe some cheese, a simple dinner, take out even, just as long as we treat ourselves to something nice. That’s what I want for Christmas. An hour or two of pure wine enjoyment from every Wine House customer who can spare it.

So (please) pull out your day planner if that’s what it takes and schedule a time and place to relax in between the parties, flights, and feast preparation. A point of quiet personal indulgence will do us all good. I think we’ll be happier people, and when we look back on the holidays we’ll remember at least one moment when we truly celebrated. Happy Holidays everyone. Thanks for making us your wine merchant. – Ben Jordan

Nothing for sale.


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