2005 Lament

2005 Pere Guardiola Floresta Emporda Costa Brava
Red Wine; Red Blend; Other Spain;

It may be silly for me to offer this wine as we don’t have much, and it’s probably going to sell out before some of you read this email. I apologize for that. At $9.98 per bottle a wine with this much drive has no business sticking around anywhere for very long. Go ahead and order what you like, but realize we may have to limit people to a case in order to be fair. This will be first come first served, and those of you who place your orders via internet or email on Sunday will be given first shot.This is all we could get of this blend of Tempranillo (55%) and Garnacha from Catalunya. I was upset (not with them, with the world) when they told me they only had 20 cases left. I almost passed as I knew the demand would outpace supply, but I figure if a few of you get some of this, then that’s better than none of us getting any while it goes to people we don’t even know. This is one of the last hold-outs in the under $10, but still something to talk about category of wines. Unless there is a big change in the strength of the dollar, soon we’ll be left with a sea of mediocre, brand-name, “have you ever seen a tank that can hold a million gallons of wine” kind of wine. As it is, most of the values that excite me are pushing $15, so it was satisfying to find the Floresta.

Because of the low supply, I won’t go on too much about this. The main thing is that it is a delicious bottle of wine with lots of character that costs less than $120 a case. It’s the kind of wine that inspires people to make those sweeping statements like “Europeans are the only ones who can make affordable wines,” or less sweeping ones like, “I’ll only buy California above $20, and I look to France and Spain for my under $15.” It is a wine to make statements.

I titled this email ‘Lament’, because I’m a bit sad at how difficult it is to find quality under $10. But if you take into account the inflation in the rest of our lives (gasoline, rent and holy carp have you seen the price of Dungeness crab?!?!?), then spending a little more on a bottle of wine doesn’t seem so bad. If you look at it that way, this is a bonus, happy-surprise email, not an obituary. So there you go, Happy-Surprise Bonus Wine that is almost gone. – Ben Jordan

2005 Pere Guardiola Floresta Emporda Costa Brava
Red Wine; Red Blend; Other Spain;


Tasting Notes
I like this wine because my first note was: “This smells really nice,” and I respect a wine that knows how to smell nice. I like it because my next note was: “Delicious.” I like the dark Spanish fruit and dark Spanish earth that dominate the palate. And I like the touch of spice in the parting glance. We tasted more expensive wines after it, but this was better. How they do it at this price, I don’t know. I just have to assume there was whole lot of everything going right.

Worried about the price of Dungeness crab? I can’t do a thing about it, but if you email me at ben.winehouse@sbcglobal.net, I will commiserate. Or maybe you know a place with good prices?

NOTE: If you would like to place an order via email, please use our main address, winehouse@sbcglobal.net (or reply to this email), as I will be away from email until Wednesday of next week.


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