March 2008 Dirty Dozen

March 2008 Dirty Dozen – Mixed Case Sampler
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Moving along, have you noticed the days getting longer? Pretty soon, we’ll be adjusting those clocks by exactly one hour, and the sun will be out until the Wine House staff gets home. To celebrate the longer days, March Madness, and not the least of all, St. Patrick’s Day, the Dirty Dozen is loaded with crowd pleasing favorites chosen with a wide eye of diversity and pairing ability. Having a tasting party using the DD? We’d love to hear all about it!!! Reorder Special !!! 20% off 6 bottles or more of any regularly priced Dirty Dozen wine! Or 10%/Net Wines • 5%/ Sale Wines
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2006 Chardonnay, Poppy – $9.98 net price, reorder $8.98
We talk a lot about the value represented by our French country wines compared to their new world counterparts. Well here’s the exception. A nice, easy to sip California Chardonnay from cool climate vineyards that has just enough of everything to put a smile on your face. You can pair it with anything from shellfish to lemon chicken to rotisserie chicken with herbs.

2006 Bergerac Rosé, Château Calabre – $11.59, reorder $9.27
It is a common customer request when choosing a Rosé to ask for one that’s “dry and not too fruity”. Well here it is. Showing off its herbal aromatics, this is truly French Rosé! Great for a warm spring afternoon or as a way to keep your chef cool.

NV Crémant d’Alsace, Domaine Ehrhart – $16.98 net price, reorder $15.28
Rule #1: It’s always a good idea to have at least one bottle of sparkling wine around. Rule #2: When drinking your bottle of sparkling, see rule #1. The folks in Champagne must be cringing, as they continue to raise their prices, a market has been created for sparklers from other regions of France. Alsace has seized the opportunity! Great juice! Great price! Santé!

2006 Viognier, Domaine Gournier – $10.59, reorder $8.47
Here’s one for the ABC crowd. It’s a bright, fresh Viognier that shows all of the aromatic qualities of the variety without being overblown like many Viogniers on the market these days. In the mouth it is round with just enough acidity to keep that fruit in line. Top that off with a kiss of honey on the finish, and you’ve got springtime in a bottle! A lighter paté would be perfect here.

2006 Sauvignon Blanc, Montpezat – $11.29, reorder $9.03
Here’s one of the aforementioned country French wines that has no match price-wise in the new world! It’s made in a fuller style, showing more than a hint of tropical fruit, with a rich, balanced finish. An ideal accompaniment to all things spring. A fresh shrimp salad? Breaded filet of sole with capers? Or how about a tuna sandwich? It all works here.

2004 Riesling ‘Vieilles Vignes’, Domaine Ehrhart, $17.99, reorder $14.39
Okay, if we’re lucky, we have corned beef and cabbage more than once a year. But if we’re not, St. Patrick’s Day is a good reminder that this delectable combo is as harmonious as any CSN show. Ah, but if you add a nice fruity, yet dry Riesling like this one here from Domaine Ehrhart, it’s like adding Neil Young to the mix. Forget the beer, pour the Riesling!

2003 Visan “La Rocaille” Coste Chaude – $14.39, reorder $11.59
If you love a sturdy Côtes du Rhône Villages from a ripe vintage, here’s your wine. This one boasts of structure, purity, and terroir, all attributes of a fine Chateauneuf du Pape, yet leaves us with a price we like … a lot! It’s got the stuff to stand up to rich, savory dishes like lamburgers, Irish Stew, or Shepherd’s Pie. Place your reorders whilst you can!

2004 Corbières, Domaine Sainte Eugénie – $11.49, reorder $9.19
For those in the know, this wine needs no introduction. For those who don’t, you’ve got to try it. Medium in body, it offers complexity not found in this price range, anywhere! Its ability to pair with so many dishes, combined with its price, makes it one you’re going to want to go deep on. Just ask any of us what we think about this wine, we dare you!

2004 Cabernet/Syrah, Mas Carlot – $14.99, reorder $11.99
The recent sunshine may have skewed our perspective slightly, but the idea of barbeque has recently come into play here. This has been one of our favorite barbeque wines in past vintages, yet the 2004 could be the best yet! It shows some muscle, yet has a healthy dose of dark berry fruit and black tea that makes it perfect with whatever you may be grilling.

2005 Touraine Rouge, Domaine des Corbillières – $13.49, reorder $10.79
At the risk of sounding like a broken record, may we advise you that 2005 was an amazing vintage for Loire Valley Cabernet Franc. We’ve sung the praises of this wine before, and we will sing them until we can’t breathe anymore. This wine is stellar on its own, yet it is great with food. A slow cooked herb crusted pork loin would do the trick.

2005 Syrah de Fayel, Domaine Cantarelles – $10.29, reorder $8.23
Up until recently, this was a wine allocated to a local restaurant for their ‘by the glass’ selections. The good news for us is that they’ve changed up their wine list, and we not only can offer it to you, but we can drink it ourselves. Dark fruit, medium to full-body, it shows leather and earth, yet finishes with finesse. That being said, this goes great with a marinated tri-tip!

2004 Grenache/Syrah, Château Grande Cassagne, $6.95 sale price, reorder $6.60
Hands down, this is the biggest bargain in the shop! Medium in body, offering great balance and finesse, this is a steal! It drinks like something far more expensive and is the perfect every day sipper. Don’t hesitate to pop it with pizza or pasta.

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Reorder Special !!! 20% off 6 bottles or more of any regularly priced Dirty Dozen wine! Or 10%/Net Wines • 5%/ Sale Wines
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March 2008 Dirty Dozen – Mixed Case Sampler
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