2005 Red Burgundy: Morot Bressandes

2005 Domaine Albert Morot Beaune Bressandes
Red Wine; Pinot Noir; Burgundy;
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$59.49 per bottle with mix/match case discount.
I’ve been asked to give last call on our Subculture Dining events next week. See Below.In last week’s email, I wrote about how I prefer to forego new clothes in order to stock my wine cellar. And wouldn’t you know it, on Wednesday a concerned customer gave me a sweater when he picked up his wine. I don’t think it was a new sweater, but he said he washed it, so that was very nice of him. This week I would like to point out that I have been foregoing those delicious ham and cheese croissants from Tartine in order to buy Burgundy. Man, those things are good. I think there’s a stick of butter in each croissant. Man, I love butter. And Ham. And cheese.One of the wines contributing to my lack of Tartine croissants is the 2005 Albert Morot Beaune 1er Cru Bressandes. I own this wine in 375ml, 750ml, and 1.5L, and I would probably buy 187’s or 3L’s if we had them available. Wouldn’t that be cool? 187’s of the great vintages, so we could sample them? I bet a winemaker would slap my face for saying that. This is officially a late arrival, and there was a short time when we thought we weren’t going to get the 750ml’s at all. But we raised a ruckus, as it didn’t seem right for us to miss one of the top vineyards of this appellation in this great vintage from a producer that we’ve carried for such a long time. Plus the Beaune Bressandes is a favorite of a number of us Wine Housers, we buy it every year for our cellars, and we weren’t willing to have a hole in our verticals. Personally, I love the wine, and I think it matches many of the Gevreys and Vosnes from the Côtes du Nuits in terms of depth and ageability, yet it costs anywhere from 20%-40% less for comparable 1er Cru quality. Even in less proclaimed vintages like 1997, the Morot Bressandes is a contemplative wine of smoke, forest floor, licorice and succulent length. In 2005, it aspires to Grand Cru, and it will outlast some wines labeled as such. Far from a snappy, red-fruited, early to medium term Beaune, this is darker, deeper vin de garde. Not that I’m old enough to call it like this, but I think it will be one of the masterpiece wines for this domaine, and it will be a benchmark for judging Beaune Bressandes. In some vintages I lack the financial wherewithal or enthusiasm to buy all over the Burgundy map, but this is the first wine I buy every year. I guess I should put that into context. I don’t chase micro-quantities of Grand Crus or the domaine names of the hour. I’m looking for high quality at a price that is reasonable. However, I think if I had unlimited means and a cellar full of Musigny and Griottes, I would still buy this wine.This will be one of the last 2005 red Burgundies I’ll write about, with one or two more on the horizon (hopefully) that are basically reorders of wines we sold out of immediately. I wouldn’t have been able to write about this had it not arrived later than everything else. It would have been long sold. As it is we have about 6 cases and a half case of splits, so it won’t be around for long, but I am glad I got to write about it, as I do love it so. – Ben Jordan
2005 Domaine Albert Morot Beaune Bressandes
Red Wine; Pinot Noir; Burgundy;
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$59.49 per bottle with mix/match case discount.
2005 Domaine Albert Morot Beaune Bressandes (half bottle)
Red Wine; Pinot Noir; Burgundy;
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$31.44 per bottle with mix/match case discount. Two half bottles equal one full bottle for discounting purposes.
Tasting Notes
I’ve had this three times, twice at the domaine and once from 375ml in my apartment, and each time I’ve been impressed with the sheer amplitude of the material. Not amplitude in a Barossa Shiraz way, but in the way the flavor seems to replicate and expand across the palate. Even in such a young wine, there are layers and complexities that make it an exciting, convincing Burgundy. That said, you would be doing yourself a disservice to drink too much of this now. It is a wine for 2015 (2012 at least) and beyond, and that’s when we’re really going to say something about it. If you must taste it, I suggest snagging one of the half bottles. The wine is dense and structured, but endowed with that silken cream mouthfeel that I’ve noticed in the vintage, from Gallois’ Gevreys to Lamarche’s Grand Rue. For more detailed notes, I’ve included David S’s notes from the Wine Advocate below.
Wine Advocate Notes
From David Schildknecht in Wine Advocate Issue #171:“The Morot 2005 Beaune Bressandes displays scents of game, blackberry, wood smoke and sea breeze. Darkly-fruited on the palate, with hints of fruit skin bitterness, this is at the same time rich and marrowy, savory and juicy, as well as possessed of invigorating salinity. The tannins here are very refined and a creaminess of texture is already emerging. This has about it the aura of one of the Morot Beaunes of yesteryear – I think of the 1972 – that might become something really special. It would be most interesting and worthwhile to cellar. (Don’t be misled by my apparently conservative score: I can only rate what’s here today, and Morot wines in a vintage like this simply aren’t about being youthfully flattering and giving of themselves.) 91 Points.

Subculture Dining Event
Last call for reservations. Next weekend (March 14th and 15th), Peter and I will be dining and presenting wine at an “underground” evening with the Dissident Chef and Subculture Dining. In addition to dinner and wine, the folks at Recchiuti will be on hand to discuss and present their chocolate and confections. Peter and I are getting excited, so if you are too, we’ll see you there. Note: We are appearing on a volunteer basis, and all donations given will go to Subculture Dining.

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To order tickets/make reservations.

Questions/Comments? Email me at ben.winehouse@sbcglobal.net. For orders, please use our main email: winehouse@sbcglbal.net.


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