And Now The Other Side – Divorce Wine

If you have been reading our Sunday emails for the past year, you are surely aware of the multitude of wedding themed offers Ben has written. As someone currently going through divorce, I feel that in fairness, perhaps a tongue in cheek counterpoint is in order. I sought and received Ben’s okay on this concept before beginning. My intention with this write-up is to present a light-hearted poke at those emails.

You know, I have no problem hearing about love and marriage. It’s good when it’s good, great when it’s great. But my compatriot seems to be bordering on obsession with the subject. More so, I think, than most of the girls I went to high school with. I can see why. He’s a newlywed and has many friends who are in similar stages in their lives. That’s great. For them. Actually, it’s great for all of us, as the positive energy they radiate affects us all. Ah, but the fairy tales never mentioned the details of “ever after”.

When I read last Sunday’s email and saw that it was yet again about weddings, I rolled my eyes and said, “Oh no, not again”. Come on already! Imagine a surfer who has long aspired to ride the waves of Australia, making the trip, only to have accidentally got their leg stuck in the mouth of a great white shark while there. Would they take pleasure in reading about how great the surfing in Australia is shortly thereafter? I thought not. Sure, weddings are great occasions to break out a nice bottle of wine, right? But who ever speaks of wine to drink when going through a divorce? Let me be that guy! I’ll spare the banal details and focus on the positive (which really is the way to go when going through this).

For me, the positives are meeting new friends, catching up with old ones, and freedom. Freedom of what? Freedom of almost everything. Almost everything. Spending is the one thing that needs micromanagement until this whole thing has been finalized. So I embrace all of the freedom I have, and as far as spending goes, I’ve got the red wine covered.

One of the great things about working here is getting a chance to taste many wines throughout their life. When the 2004 Petite Cassagne Rouge first arrived, it was a bit tight, tannic, and just needed a little time to open up. Now that is has some bottle age, that youthful kick in the pants has mellowed out and the wine is, in a word, lovely. The BEST thing about it, IT’S ON SALE FOR $6.95 PER BOTTLE. Yes, that’s right. Crafted by famed Costieres de Nimes producer, Diane Puymorin (you’ve probably heard that name before, and I say it’s okay to be obsessed by her and her wines), this wine is the all-purpose red that will get me to the end of the tunnel. It has complexity, purity, and is easy on ye olde pocketbook. That is why it is the only wine in the shop with a sign that says “Peter’s Pick” firmly attached to it!

Say what you will about love, marriage, and divorce; it is all interesting. And if Confucius were here, he’d consider that a blessing. I offer Ben’s friends my congratulations, they are a great couple, and long may they run. As for me, ever tapping into the resilience of the human soul, I am re-acquainting myself with single life, all the while smiling with my glass full of 2004 Petite Cassagne rouge!Peter Zavialoff

Tasting Notes:
It starts with the appearance. The deep, dark, purply color. The aromatics … dark fruit, berries, forest floor, black tea, and a little earth. On the palate, more of the same. Harmony between savory fruit, earth, herbs, tannins, and acidity. This wine has a complexity that can almost be described as a hint of bitterness. The fruit content is not sweet fruit, but savory fruit. That’s why I love this wine. Having had the occasional sip of Fernet Branca, I must say that I embrace this hint of bitterness. The finish shows a little spice to go along with that fruit and before you know it, darn, my glass is empty again. Ah, what to do, what to do? Did I mention it’s only $6.95???!!!

Feel free to email me with any comments regarding marriage, divorce, surfing in Australia, or inexpensive, high quality wine:

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