2005 Dunn Napa Valley Cabernet

I’m not sure if I have ever written about Napa Cabernet for a Sunday email? Have I? I rarely write about domestic wines, because I like to look for that dynamic duo of quality and value which can be (though not always) oxymoronic in wines from the Golden State. I wondered whether I should let Napa take the spotlight on what could be my last (or 2nd to last) email, but this Dunn does offer exemplary value, and it sits at the top in terms of level of quality. I imagine Dunn will weather the current economic climate just fine, as their wines run between $60 and $80 per bottle while their competition has all inflated to over $100. These wines age like 2nd growth Bordeaux, they have so much soul that they stand out as individual/special in any company, and they’re priced like wines from the 90s.

I’m not going to go on forever about these wines, because they have a proven track record. You can look anywhere on the web to see that these wines age gracefully, they are always a favorite among Napa Cabernet drinkers and Bordeaux collectors alike, and it’s hard to compete with the praise heaped on them by critics like Robert Parker. Still, it should be said that the Dunn wines are benchmarks for California Cabernet. They are steeped in terroir, yet they bring all the power and energy we expect from Napa Valley. Almost every customer I talk to who is serious about California Cabs holds Dunn in high regard. They are one of 3 Napa producers that I allow into my personal budget for Cabernet. It should also be mentioned that 85% of the fruit for this bottling is sourced from Howell Mountain, and this wine is Dunn to its very core. If you want top quality Napa Cabernet from 2005, that is intensely cellar worthy as well as representing true value, then Dunn is for you. If you want a 10% discount off the already fair price of $64.98 (making it $58.48), then just order 6 bottles or more. Since it’s the season, I’ll mention it’s a great gift as well, whether you’re gifting friends and family or yourself. Wine will arrive by the end of the week. Special pricing available until December 25th. Ben Jordan


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