On Philosophy and Graves Blanc

2004 Vieux Chateau Gaubert Graves Blanc
White Wine; Bordeaux Blend; Bordeaux;
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I don’t believe in coincidence. Nope, no such thing. Please excuse my philosophical ramble, but in order to regale you all with my story of the 2004 Vieux Chateau Gaubert Blanc, I feel I must let you in on a little background of my perspective.So no, no such thing. We have had some technical difficulties with our point of sales computer system recently, and for some reason, when one particular computer is turned on, the system eventually crashes. When it isn’t on, no problems. Coincidence? Can’t be. Or then there was the morning after finding out which street my high school crush took to school, I just happened to ride up and surprise her. Coincidence? She thought it was, but no, I was a stalker. I’m reformed now; but I still feel that every so-called coincidence is driven by something.

I’m not much of a planner either. I mean for important things like finances, retirement, or Wilco concerts, planning is mandatory. But I like to leave things open while on vacation or on Friday nights to allow for serendipity. One of my quotes I use over and over again is, planning leads to expectations, and expectations are the harbinger of disappointment. It’s true. You see more kids crying at Disneyland than in a dentist office.

So this past Friday, I was invited to a friend’s house for dinner. Nothing unusual here. We have dinner together often, and have in-depth discussions about the wine we serve with them. I told him I was probably going to take it easy and go straight home for a change, but we would chat later. Well, he needed my input on an important matter, so I later told him I would be there. He told me not to bring anything as we would be drinking his wine.

Before the shop closed on Friday, we had a line-up of 11 wines for the staff to taste. One of the 11 was the 2004 Vieux Chateau Gaubert Blanc white Bordeaux. Maybe it’s because I’m on a white Bordeaux kick lately, but I loved it. Repeat. Loved it. (Tasting notes below). When the time came to divvy up the bottles, in spite of red Bordeaux blends and white Burgundy, I made this my first pick. I was quite pleased that I would be bringing something to dinner after all.

Here’s where things got really interesting. As I walked up the path to the front door, I noticed people in the living room. Turns out some friends had dropped by on their way to dinner. One of them is the most amazingly talented guitar player I have ever played with. I mean this guy can play. Big time. In fact, he’s so good, I’ve really got no business playing with him, but somehow it happens occasionally. His date, I was meeting for the first time. Very nice. I showed them my samples, saw their glasses were empty, pulled the cork on the Vieux Chateau Gaubert, and off we went. The conversation was all about how complex the wine was. “Crisp” and “mineral” and “all kinds of stuff going on here” were all things they said. I nodded in agreement as I already loved it. I was asked by this couple for advice on where they should have dinner. I suggested they stay and eat with us. They did. So our conversation continued to swirl in and out of the wine world, then it was English football, the local music scene, the best ingredients for artichoke dip, the 450 degree chicken, and sadly, we had emptied the bottle. There were other wines to taste and we did with a little less fanfare, because the Vieux Chateau Gaubert was that good. As we were about to sit down to eat, another friend arrived and now there were five of us. Our new arrival earned the moniker, “A Party Must” before long as he regaled us with tales of working for the Peace Corps in Niger, being a DJ on the night Lowell George died, and how Huckleberry Finn is, according to James Joyce, the only comedic novel of American Literature. We all were having such a rip-roaring good time, that my friend’s date proclaimed, “This is so much fun, what are you all doing tomorrow night? We need to do all of this all over again tomorrow!” The guitars eventually came out and I found myself singing the song I just wrote. All good things must come to an end, and with much glee hugs were exchanged and we were all in collective agreement that what we just experienced was one special evening.

I don’t believe in coincidence. For an evening to be that enjoyable, it must have a foundation. That foundation then is built upon, with good, stimulating conversation, wit, and hilarity. So how did it all start? The 2004 Vieux Chateau Gaubert Blanc white Bordeaux, that’s how. Coincidence?Peter Zavialoff

Tasting Notes
50% Sauvignon Blanc, 50% Semillon made by winemaker Dominique Haverlan. The estate is an historic site dating back to the eighteenth century. This is the top wine of the property and is sourced from the best vineyard parcels of the chateau.It has a pale yellow glow in the glass, and the aromatics emit rich, spicy, citrus peel, with a dose of gravel. On the palate, it is lightweight, yet exhibits a wide array of complexities that will have you scratching your head to get them all. This is truly a great conversation wine, as many people will taste many things. The finish is clean, dry, and leaves a hint of spice. What fun for such a price!
Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments about white Bordeaux, coincidence, Huckleberry Finn, or English Football: peter.winehouse@sbcglobal.net


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