The Bin That’s Always Empty

2005 Chateau Marjosse Bordeaux
Red Wine; Bordeaux Blend; Bordeaux;
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I work every Saturday. It’s funny. I should mind, but I don’t. I think I’ve had one Saturday off in the last year. Not a problem. Why, you may ask? Well, there are several reasons.

First off; and even though this is weird I’ll tell you anyway. You see, (and you may have heard) for over a couple of years now, we’ve been pals with Arden who is the Satuday DJ at KPIG radio. She has been kind enough to play our suggestions and gives us the occasional shout out. There is always a variable, though, as she will not play an artist twice in too short a time. So sometimes, if someone plays the band I have in mind, I’ll have to change it up on the fly. Arden is such a wealth of musical knowledge (not to mention good energy and literary prowess), that I feel challenged to suggest songs that are out of the normal realm of what is being played on pedestrian radio. So let’s just say I don’t suggest Tom Petty songs. So checking in with her, hearing a favorite song, and getting a shout on the radio is always something I look forward to on Saturdays.

Probably the best part about Saturdays is the traffic here in the shop. Many of you work Monday through Friday and can only come visit us on Saturdays. It’s always great to see you, the new and the regular. Saturdays are the days where we see more of you than any other, and that’s always something to look forward to. As a matter of fact, the reason I’m off on this ramble today, is due to a comment someone made earlier today, about how she reads all of our emails and loves them. Well, thank you for the inspiration.

Saturdays are also the days when the Sunday Email is usually composed. So I’m thinking about it. All that good energy we get from the radio, from emails, and from your visiting can be highly inspirational. Anyway enough of all that babble, let me tell you about a wine.

I never know when and how a wine will jump out at me, but this one’s a peach. There have been times when a customer will come in looking for a red Burgundy for around $20. I just shrug my shoulders and say, “Sorry, we don’t have any.” Burgundy is a funny thing too. The wines are always changing, and sometimes, it can be a bit of a gamble as to how they are going to show once you open them. Bordeaux I find more consistent. Find a good vintage, and there are great wines all across the board. So recently someone wanted a big red under $20, and I immediately knew where to go. I’ve been going there for a few weeks now, and I have to say the majority of the time the bin is empty and I have to dig more wine out and reload it. The wine? 2005 Chateau Marjosse. It’s got pedigree too. Pierre Lurton, director of Chateau Cheval Blanc, proudly puts his name smack dab on the label. We always advise you to look for the little guys in great years, and though Lurton isn’t exactly a little guy, this Chateau qualifies. Take into fact that it is $15.98 per bottle, and we are talking absolute steal here folks.

Though I’ve always been more of a Friday night guy than a Saturday night guy, I still have no problem working on Saturday. Of course that will change on Saturday, May 30, the day of the FA Cup Final. But that’s a one-off, and I’ll most likely watch it before I come in. So taking all that into consideration, I actually relish my opportunity to work on Saturdays!

Tasting Notes:
Ah Bordeaux. It’s always exciting. Even the pop of the cork is different. Regal. Yeah. The king of wines. Pour it in a glass. This is beautiful. Dark. Where purple meets ruby. Smell? All kinds of things going on there. There is cassis, pencil lead, allspice, violets, and a hint of that toasted espresso bean. On the palate, it teeter-totters to a standstill between dark, velvety fruit and an uplifting zippyness. Its weight is more medium to full bodied and the tannins are fine. This wine has some of characteristics of what would be referred to as modern, yet somehow it manages to hold on to its rusticity. Factor in the $15.98 price tag, and you’ve got an amazing effort here. Peter Zavialoff

Feel free to email me with any questions or comments about working on Saturdays, non pedestrian songs, the FA Cup Final, or, of course, Bordeaux.


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