A Rosé Like No Other

I’ve been on a Wine House high. Last weekend I participated in an event at Golden Gate Meat Company that introduced their new line of grass fed beef to Bay Area chefs. I poured a few of our wines, and the positive response was nothing short of overwhelming. And then on Wednesday night, I joined David Netzer, store manager and the force behind the Wine House, along with Diane de Puymorin, winemaker for Chateau d’Or et des Gueules and Domaine de la Petite Cassagne, and 16 other wine lovers for a fabulous winemaker dinner at Nopa-more on that later! There is great stuff happening here and it all begins with the wine.
So, I am getting ready to write this email when it occurs to me that I should check my customer “want list” because I recall someone asking to be contacted when the 2008 Rosé Touraine from Domaine des Corbillieres finally arrives. Sure enough there was someone, so I call this customer. She politely tells me “thank you for the call, but I checked with the store earlier this week, was told it just arrived, and I bought some already”. This type of passion and zeal for a wine is usually reserved for high end Napa cabernets or high-scoring Bordeaux and Burgundy, not rosé. But alas this is no ordinary rosé, but a most delicate, nuanced, ethereal rosé from the Loire Valley. Unlike the rosés of sunny southern France, the Touraine rosé from Domaine de Corbillieres is ever so slightly pink and not at all a full frontal attack of fruit. No, this rosé is fresh and zesty on the palate with understated flavors of ripe peach and strawberry, lots of lift and snappy fruit flavors and a dry finish. Stick your nose in the glass and you could swear you were picking strawberries out in the garden. And then there is the color, oh how exquisite and sublime, like the thinnest, sheerest slice of fresh caught salmon imaginable. I was inspired to take out my Benjamin Moore color wheel. I have the color pegged somewhere between Bermuda pink and Sanibel peach. The Touraine Rosé from Domaine des Corbillieres, year after year, sells out the quickest of all our rosés. It has been my experience that those who normally shy away from rosé, gravitate and delight in the delicacy of this wine. I recently opened a bottle to serve with a pork tenderloin that I marinated in a combination of every single Asian condiment I could find in my fridge and pantry. It worked beautifully, however I think that the piece de resistance would be a match up with salmon, or some other meaty fish.
This week my daughter was down for the count with the flu. At any given time, I was used as a pillow, blanket and, my personal favorite, a tissue. As I tried to comfort this fever-ridden child, I could not help but get teary eyed as I thought how happy I was to be her mother. Maybe I am the sick one here. This Mother’s Day I will still be working, as my husband and I have an annual brunch celebrating our biological and spiritual mothers. To all you Mothers out there, I salute you! Anya Balistreri

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