Domaine Fondreche–2007 Fayard

The things that stick in your mind…
I was driving home, listening to the radio, when the person being interviewed mentioned that sales for Harlequin Romance novels have seen a sharp increase in 2009. As forms of communication and media rapidly change, it makes sense to me that more of us would want to fall back on simple pleasures like an easy read… or a delicious bottle of red! With this in mind, allow me to recommend a red that made me swoon – the 2007 Cotes du Ventoux Fayard from Domaine de Fondreche. As I sit here in front of the computer screen, I can imagine everything about the wine perfectly; the taste memory is vivid and it lingers. A hedonistic fruit missile of a wine, the Fayard drips with cherry red fruit and mouth-coating opulence.

There is a temptation to want to write every detail of my experience tasting this wine. The temptation is driven by my intense hope to convince you just how delicious this wine is and how disappointing it would be for anyone to miss tasting the 2007 Fayard. I’ve been known to choke, like the time when I was bowling with friends in Cleveland the night before my friend Jack’s wedding and all I had to do to win was to hit just one pin. Of course I threw a gutterball and my husband, then boyfriend, threw a strike to win (though I am pretty sure he was w-a-a-y over the line!). An admitted poor loser, I was devastated. I wanted it too badly. I am afraid I am running the risk of choking here again. How do I describe a wine I enjoyed immensely without falling into cliché? The trick is to go with it head on. So here it goes! The 2007 Fayard is a brand new cuvee from Sebastien Vincenti at Domaine Fondreche. The Cotes du Ventoux appellation is within the Rhone Valley and flanks Mount Ventoux. Sebastien Vincenti, who learned from Rhone master Andre Brunel, has taken this lesser known region and has exceeded expectations by reducing yields and creating pure, fruit driven wines. The Fayard is a blend of 50% grenache, 30% syrah, 10% carignan and 10% mourvedre. After vinification the wine sits on its lees in tank for 9 months before bottling. There are no hard edges; there are no hard tannins. Rounded, weighty fruit persists and tantalizes. The color is a mesmerizing shock of fuchsia. Flavors of sweet tangy Bing cherries and fragrant raspberries dominate. Beware: this wine goes down real easy! In the movie “Big” circa 1988, Tom Hanks plays a boy who wakes up one day to finds himself a grown man. In the film, his co-worker and lady-friend (she doesn’t know of his transformation and has grown-up feelings for him) invites herself to his place for a sleep-over. As he is about to open the door, he announces to her – “I get to be on top!” This line kept popping into my head as I drank this wine. Anya Balistreri
2007 Domaine de Fondreche Cotes du Ventoux Fayard
Red Wine; Rhone Blend; Rhone;
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“Like most of its siblings, the 2007 Cotes du Ventoux Fayard (a blend of Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre, and Carignan) includes the smallest amount possible of SO2. Classic raspberry, kirsch, licorice, underbrush, and spice box characteristics emerge from this rich, medium to full-bodied, fresh wine. It finishes with considerable power as well as length. Enjoy this impressive Cotes du Ventoux over the next 3-4 years.” 91 points, Wine Advocate #181, Feb. 2009

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