One More Thing For That Summer Checklist

cucumbertomatogreenonionsaladA Tradition Worth Beginning (Or Continuing)!

Funny. I am so not a checklist type of person. Nor am I the type to have regrets. But sometime around the resumption of standard time, I begin to look back upon the fleeting year re-celebrating the joys and growing from the sorrows. The season where one usually finds more of those joys, of course, is summer. And why not? Longer days, warm weather, vacations, and so many options to jump for it make joy somewhat inevitable during this time. Summer is many things to many people, and I’ve rambled about summer before. But short of keeping a checklist, there are some things that must be done. For me, taking a bite out of an August peach is a must. Don’t even get me started about summer tomatoes and cucumbers. My grandfather kept quite the typical Russian garden, and spending summer days with him and my grandmother brought a bounty of all three. I fondly recall his vigor, spirit, and humor every time I smile with a mouth full of tomato and cucumber salad. Ah, but the time flies. One summer practice I’ve adopted in recent years is to share some time with someone special, look them in the eye, say, “to holiday”, and clink glasses of Champagne. Yes, Champagne; the real stuff. Do not let a summer pass you by without having Champagne.

glassofbubblesThere’s something charming about drinking small production Champagne. It’s exciting as the winemakers put their best foot forward knowing there’s not much to go around; and it’s fun to try new and different fizz with different labels on them. Small production doesn’t necessarily mean crazy high prices either. Through our negociante, Jeanne-Marie de Champs, we are privileged to import the wines from Arlaux pere et fils from Vrigny. The Arlaux Champagnes, praised by Decanter magazine, win our praise as well. The brut is dry, with the right harmony of fruit, terroir, and that quintessential Champagnoise pain grille. Aromatically, it warms you up with complexity. Stone fruit and fresh baked bread with hints of pistachio. The finish is bright and uplifting and fades with all components firing together. It is truly a wine of distinction that will make special company all the more special. The Rose offers up aromas of red fruit, blossom and a mineral like structure. Also dry on the palate, it does finish with red fruit and mineral. If you love sparking Rose, don’t let this one pass you by. And for those very special occasions, the brut comes in magnum format as well.
We recommend many wines to you all. A great deal of them fall into the “everyday drinking” category. Those wines are all of top quality for the various price points they represent. But some occasions, and some people warrant special wine. My grandfather left us when I was 17, so legally, I couldn’t have clinked glasses with him, but let’s just say that it may have happened (wink, wink). I still remember my job upon arrival to their house was to distract Baba (grandmother) in the kitchen so my Pop could sneak a case of port into the living room and hide it behind the couch for him.We all have special people in our lives, be they parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, siblings, cousins, friends and lovers. Woops. I think my list of Champagne dates has exceeded my budget. Indulge in this as it truly one of life’s dearest pleasures.Peter Zavialoff

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