White Bordeaux For $25, Alex

Customers please note: We will be closed Monday, September 7 in observance of Labor Day. We will be back to our regular schedule beginning Tuesday, September 8.

2005 Chateau Olivier Pessac-Leognan Blanc
White Wine; Semillon; Bordeaux;
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Happy Labor Day weekend, all! We hope you are resting and enjoying the long weekend, and we toast you, our customers, for your continuing patronage. Cheers!
I know Labor Day traditionally marks the spot where we turn from our summer holidays to focus on the autumn and winter that lay just ahead. But as I said to my colleague Anya this morning as I sliced open yet another summer heirloom tomato, I’m hanging on to summer until I’m insanely standing in shorts knee deep in the snow! If you know me well, you also know that this is not only possible, but inevitable. Good thing I don’t live in the mountains. This has truly been a magnificent summer. In many ways, for me, it has been the summer of Wilco. Their current lineup are at the absolute top of their game, as witnessed four times live, here and abroad. Their new album has been the virtual soundtrack of my summer. Another constant this summer has been my re-embracing of White Bordeaux, which I have been raving about here and yet again, here. Oh yeah, then there was this one last year. These wines are crisp, expansive, and complex, and though they shine all year, it is in the summer heat where they become exponentially superior to anything else I may find in my glass.If you do see me out on the street in November sometime, shivering, eating something I may argue is a tomato, sipping chilled white Bordeaux, please show me a calendar.
There is a wine tasting group known as the “Thursday Tasting Group” that counts as members several of our customers as well as management, and their theme for September is dry white Bordeaux. They are in the process of selecting the wines, and as I’ve noted before, there are two basic different levels of dry White Bordeaux. First is the sub $20 white Graves and Entre Deux Mers category, which are perfectly quaffable, but pale in comparison to any grand cru classe de Graves. Unfortunately for the consumer, the cru classe wines are in huge demand and in short supply. No need to be an econ major to figure out what happens next, as some of the price tags can be quite shocking. We’ve got one currently in stock that has the quality-price paradigm turned on its head, the 2005 Chateau Olivier Blanc. It a a grand cru classe de Graves from the princely appellation of Pessac-Leognan. I’m certain the Thursday group will have their usual eight quality selections, and I’m sure the 2005 Chateau Olivier blanc will be among them.It’s a classy offering which reveals what these complex wines are all about. And the best part is it’s only $25 per bottle!
As stated earlier in this email, no matter what you all are doing this long weekend, whether it be closing down the summer cottage, giving the outdoor grill one more major ride, or just relaxing with friends and family, I hope you enjoy it. I will be staying local, celebrating what remains of my birthday weekend, and I will raise a glass to you all. It would not be a shocker if that glass were to contain a cool, crisp white Bordeaux. Tasting notes below. Peter Zavialoff
Tasting Notes
I’m really easy to please. Really, you had me at Bordeaux. The color is of pale straw, the nose gives and gives. There’s apple, pear, citrus blossom, notes of something tropical … (could it be banana?) and a hint of clovespice. On the palate, it dazzles with magnificent weight, light as a feather, yet full of fruit, spice and a mineral lift. The moderate level of acidity binds it all together, and makes this, all in all, one of Pessac-Leognan’s super bargains of the vintage.It’s ready to go now, but will gain in complexity if you drink it over the next 8 years or so.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments on the Wilco shows at Vicar Street in Dublin, white Bordeaux, Chateau Olivier, Labor Day weekend, or which wines I may be drinking to celebrate my birthday weekend: peter.winehouse@sbcglobal.net

2005 Chateau Olivier Pessac-Leognan Blanc
White Wine; Semillon; Bordeaux;
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