Staff Secret No Longer – 2007 Terre d’Ardoise Mas l’Avail

175163There is a common philosophy shared by many a wine lover, myself included. I’ll file it under both human nature and common sense. When we try a wine we don’t know much about, we usually buy one bottle to make sure we like it before piling up a couple of cases, right? This philosophy is not confined to consumers either. When The Wine House was offered the chance to buy the 2007 Terre d’Ardoise Carignan from Mas l’Avail, we exercised a bit of caution and just brought over a handful of cases. Guess what? That wasn’t anywhere nearly enough!!!

Yes, those precious few cases didn’t stand a chance once we got to taste this precious Carignan produced from vines that average 80+ years of age! We barely had time to trumpet the virtues of this wine before it sold out. We sold out of that wine so quickly that I was puzzled as to where it all went. So I ran a report listing our customers who purchased it. When the report appeared on my screen, I burst out laughing! The list included winemakers, chefs, employees, and plenty of friends and family! Go figure. This wine was something new, whose quality, by far, surpassed its price tag.

Pssst! We’ve got more. Not an unlimited amount, mind you, but enough for us to finally talk to y’all about it. It’s here and it’s great. You don’t need to take my word for it, this is the darling of chefs and winemakers, and we can prove it!


175181Importer Bobby Kacher
has struck gold with his visit to the hamlet of Maury and his introduction to this estate. More information on Mas l’Avail can be found here.

So there you have it, folks. Discoveries like this one are what truly make this job a treat. It speaks of a place, as one would imagine 80+ year old vines would be able to do. The nose is complex, combining all sorts of nuance from stewed purple fruit to earth and spice. It is medium bodied on the palate, and finishes like “Hey Jude”. Na-na-na-na-na-na-na Na-na-na-na …

Peter Zavialoff

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments regarding old vine Carignan, other “Friends and Family Wines”, or Beatles songs:


2007 Mas l’Avail Terre d’Ardoise Roussillon
Red Wine; Carignane; Languedoc-Roussillon;
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