Paul Pernot Bourgogne Blanc

2007 Domaine Paul Pernot Bourgogne Blanc
White Wine; Chardonnay; Burgundy;
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Selecting Paul Pernot’s 2007 Bourgogne blanc as my “staff pick of the week” is kinda cheating. After all, it is no great secret that Paul Pernot’s Bourgogne blanc is one of the great values in white Burgundy. I am not the first to write at length about this simple fact. The dedicated following for this wine borders on the fanatical. It is not uncommon for a collector to purchase a bottle or two of Pernot’s Grand and Premier Crus and then turn around and buy a case of the Bourgogne blanc. What else are you going to drink Sunday thru Thursday? Put into the simplest terms possible, Pernot’s Bourgogne blanc offers a glimpse into the pleasures of Chardonnay grown in the Cotes D’Or.
Much fanfare has been made of Monsieur Paul Pernot’s “retirement”. His sons are supposedly running the domaine; but as far as I can tell, if you happen to be passing through Puligny Montrachet, chances are you’ll see him hanging around the winery. I guess when you are born Burgundian and live, work, breathe wine, you never really retire. I had the pleasure of visiting and meeting Monsieur Pernot in 2000. It was late January, unbelievably cold and the wines were still going through malolactic fermentation. Not my favorite stage of wine tasting. My French is not fluent enough to carry out a conversation. Instead I watched Monsieur Pernot as he conversed with Jeanne-Marie de Champs, his agent and someone who works closely with The Wine House. With his arms crossed and his head slightly tilted, you could tell he was catching up with news and local gossip. I was so enthralled by the experience-there I was, tasting Grand Cru Chardonnay out of barrel with the great Paul Pernot! The deep lines on his face and simple manners made vivid that vignerons like him are farmers, not landed gentry. I looked around at what amounts to a garage and made note of the absence of t-shirts, prepared mustards and crafty coasters for sale.
The grapes for the Bourgogne blanc come from Puligny Montrachet vines grown on the Meursault border. I believe this wine gives a quick snapshot into a vintage. For instance, the ’06 was big, tropical and ripe. Alternatively, the 2007 Bourgogne blanc is jam-packed with crackly, crunchy fruit flavors and possesses a crisp, refreshing finish. There is plenty of expressive notes of citrus and orchard fruit. On the nose I get delicate floral aromas. Just this morning, Pete and I were having a conversation along the lines that variety is the spice of life and that maybe even if you taste a wine you absolutely love, you might get tired of drinking it over and over with a customer who was purchasing a Dirty Dozen. Then I remembered I was about to write this email and I quickly added I wouldn’t get tired of drinking Pernot’s Bourgogne blanc over and over. Pete concurred. I’ve got some prawns in my freezer I was thinking about tossing in a pan for a few minutes with some citrus zest and butter. I love Chardonnay and crustaceans!!! Anybody going to SF Open Studios this weekend? If so, please come check out artist Vera Tchikovani; my mentor, other mother and spiritual advisor! Hope to see you there!-Anya Balistreri
2007 Domaine Paul Pernot Bourgogne Blanc
White Wine; Chardonnay; Burgundy;
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