November 2009 Dirty Dozen

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November 2009 Dirty Dozen – Mixed Case Sampler
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Okay, it may not look like November out there, but take our word for it, all things November are coming. Weather, longer nights, and the biggest Thursday of the year. Yes, we’re talking about Thanksgiving! Always a tough Melange of dishes to pair with wine, the flavors are diverse and plentiful. This month, our theme is to pick the most versatile wines to suit this meal oriented holiday. Gobble gobble!



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2008 Marsanne/Roussanne Tradition, Mas Carlot – $11.99, $9.59 reorder
Two of the workhorse white grapes from the southern Rhone Valley, Marsanne and Roussanne make for a delicious partnership. Perfect for those seeking crispness with a side of mineral, blossoms, and tropical fruit. The first of many which will suit any celebration well, but especially many of the dishes one would see on the table on turkey day.

2008 Rose, Domaine de la Petite Cassagne – $10.29, $8.23 reorder
Nope. I’m not going to say her name. Not this time. Let’s just say that the quality of wines from this producer by far exceed their price tag. Take this Rose for instance. Light fruit with an herbal nose, it has the perfect weight to break out for your salivating guests while that bird rests. This wine suits a great deal of traditional Thanksgiving fare.

NV Sparkling Vouvray, Domaine d’Orfeuilles – $16.98 net price, $15.28 reorder
Though we firmly believe that one should always have some fizz handy because you just never know; now begins the season where it is somewhat mandatory to have some ready to go. Made from Chenin Blanc, this Loire Valley bubbly is dry and shows crunchy mineral. It is the perfect wine to propose the toast that begins, “We are thankful for …”

2004 Benjamin Blanc, Vieux Chateau Gaubert – $8.95 sale price, $8.51 reorder
Crazy, crazy, crazy bargain here. White Bordeaux with a little bottle age here for a song. A blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon, we propose it as yet another bottle to shine along side your turkey with the fixin’s.

2008 Touraine Blanc, Domaine des Corbillieres – $14.39, $11.51 reorder
Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc has a large following of folks that love the grape’s rich, crisp profile and the region’s expression of terroir. A bright mineral character braces the vibrant fruit and makes for the perfect aperitif.

2007 Greco di Tufo, Torricino of Stefano di Marzo – $13.95 sale price, $13.26 reorder
The secret’s out. Greco di Tufo is an Italian white that is known for its zesty, crisp acidity. This is a textbook example of the variety at a sale price that can’t be beat! A bowl of steamin’ mussels will do this right!

2006 Corbieres, Domaine Sainte Eugenie – $11.49, $9.19 reorder
The Thanksgiving table is one of the hardest tables to pair with wine. Different strokes for different folks, right? Well here is another bottle chosen for its versatility. Light to medium bodied, made mostly from old vine Carignan, it is the perfect turkey-friendly red wine. The lighter profile makes it ideal with pizza and pasta too.

2006 Merlot, Domaine Gournier – $9.99, $7.99 reorder
No fancy label, no cute animal, no ancient family crest, just Merlot; that is all that is on the label; that is all there is in the bottle. Pure tank-fermented Merlot. It’s a juicy primer for the discerning party guest that only drinks reds. It will also come in handy should any red meat show up at your celebration.

2007 Grenache, Domaine Andre Brunel – $9.99, $7.99 reorder
By now you’ve probably heard great things about the southern Rhone and 2007. The wines are winning the praise of critics and connoisseurs alike. The stellar conditions were not confined to the famous appellations, as the nearby locales made wines of profound character as well. This Grenache by Andre Brunel is one great example!

2004 Syrah Hippolyte, Chateau Grande Cassagne – $15.99, $12.79 reorder
Smoky Syrah. There is something special about this grape, especially when from the south of France. Toss in some new barrel and a little bottle age, and you’ve got a beaut here. This one will turn heads when paired with steak frites.

2007 Cabernet Sauvignon, Healdsburg Ranches – $10.98 net price, $9.88 reorder
No you’re not seeing things. Sonoma County Cabernet at old school pricing! This wine is alive with deep, lush fruit, supple tannins, and a bright, zesty finish. Good on its own or good with a hearty meal, this baby is ready to go now!

2005 Cotes du Rhone les Promesses, Domaine Font du Vent – $13.99, $11.19 reorder
And rounding things out this month, what better than a juicy Cotes du Rhone from the esteemed 2005 vintage? A medium bodied red with excellent weight and nuance, the 2005 les Promesses speaks of a place and pleases the palate for the right price. This will also stand proudly on any holiday table, as it pairs well with a multitude of fine cuisine!

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Reorder Special !!! 20% off 6 bottles or more of any regularly priced Dirty Dozen wine! Or 10%/Net Wines 5%/ Sale Wines

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November 2009 Dirty Dozen – Mixed Case Sampler
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