Treasures From Our Cellar

So a conversation broke out the other day between Pete and Emily, one of our sales reps. She explained that her holiday shopping has pretty much evolved into wine only. Why not, right? She knows a lot about it, knows the palates of the eventual recipients, and has access to some pretty special stuff. No headaches, no crowded parking lots, and no frustrating fits trying to find the right thing for everyone on her list. She added that after engaging in this practice over the last couple of years, many of her loved ones have come to expect receiving a fine bottle of wine from her and are perfectly okay with it. She went on to inquire about a special bottle for someone special on her list. Pete started rattling off a few ideas (he’s been known to poke around in our cellar), and then stopped and said, “Have you SEEN our cellar?” The answer was no, so off they went. Pete just started pulling bottles and giggled like a giddy schoolboy. Emily’s eyes were popping out of her head in disbelief of the treasures being reflected in her retinae.

So that got us thinking. It’s December. People are looking for special bottles. It’s not as much fun as watching Pete pull out a magnum of 1970 Cos d’Estournel with a jolly laugh, but let’s show ’em what we’ve got. You can always find them on our website, but we’ll list what we currently have here for you to make it easy. Please note, many of these wines are available in very low numbers, some of which we may only have one bottle of. We apologize in advance for some of these wines selling out, because they will. Happy hunting!!!

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