Halve at ’em


I bet you had a strange feeling all week that there was something special going on but you couldn’t quite pinpoint it, could you?  Ok sure, Monday was the birthday of both Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern (irony anyone?), today was Make Your Dreams Come True Day, and Friday the beloved Bucks will be making an appearance at Oracle Arena.  However, there is something else of note….Something near and dear to my heart.  Yesterday happened to be my half birthday.  That’s right, I’m (cough, garble, mumble something) and a half years old, which makes me a less-than-thrilled-to-be-aging Cancer.  However, instead of moping about this inevitability, I am choosing to celebrate it.  As such, I have made this week all about halves (or half of this week really, since Monday was Picco night and last night I was recovering from Picco night).  So, I signed up for a half marathon, I incorporated half-moon pose into my yoga practice, I wore my hair in a half ponytail, bought half and half for my coffee, and have only been wearing clothes on the upper half of my body (just kidding!).  Of course, as a wine geek, I also thought it rather apt to open some half bottles of wine, and in doing so, I’ve started a new tradition.

In keeping with the theme, I half-arsed my dinner tonight and ordered take-out from one of my fave little neighborhood Thai joints.  Certainly a delicious way to celebrate getting older and a fine excuse to open a half bottle, which I rarely do these days.  I don’t know why I don’t drink more half bottles.  To say nothing of how practical they are they’re also just kind of cute.  In fact, I’d like to suggest that we all drink more half bottles.  It shouldn’t be difficult seeing as how most notable wine lists have a half bottle section or allow you to BYO(h)B, and on the retail end, TWH has a plethora of fantastic half bottles from which to choose.  Now what was I saying…. Oh right, the goods.

Well, I ordered the spicy green curry with prawns, so I knew I’d need something delicate enough for seafood, round enough for curry, and something to fight the heat.  I also figured I should practice what I preach…. No brainer = Alsatian Riesling.  So, I picked up a half bottle of the 2006 Ehrhart Herrenweg Riesling.  Fun facts: The Ehrhart family’s winemaking history dates back to 1725 (how many half birthdays is that!?).  They committed themselves to organic farming two generations ago and the wines are currently all certified organic.  They also have a reputation for making outstanding wines that are at once elegant and age-worthy yet have incredibly refreshing minerality and fruit.  That pretty much sums up my opinion as well, but I will elaborate for all you faithful readers out there.

At first whiff, which came to me before I put the glass anywhere near my nose, the pear and green apple notes really stood out.  As I swirled and sat, the mineral components, honeysuckle, apricot, and other exotic fruits & floral notes started to jump out more.  On the palate, I was pleasantly surprised by how much lemon and minerality came through.  It still had a hint of residual sugar, but not as much as I expected.  Although, at 12.5% alcohol, I suppose that makes sense.  Still, the acidity and sugar were nicely balanced- not too sweet, not too racy.  It was also rich enough for the curry, but again, not too unctuous.  Not half bad!  In the end, the only thing that was not in any way a “half” was my belly.  That was quite full.

At some point before my half-birthday week is up, I’d like to hit Swan’s Oyster Depot or Hog Island Oyster Bar for oysters on the half shell because I’ve got a half bottle of 2007 Domaine des Buissonnes Sancerre I’d like to crack open.  That is, unless someone can suggest a better place for oysters in Half Moon Bay….

Emily Crichton


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