2008 Patricia Green Pinot Noirs

It is that time of year again – the release of Patricia Green Pinot Noirs. 2008 looks to be a vintage NOT TO MISS!!! Already comparisons are being made to 1999 and 2005. The Wine Spectator just rated the 2008 vintage 95-100 points and Parker’s Vintage Chart gives it a 92. Unlike 2005 and 2007 when grapes had to be strategically picked dodging rain and 2006 where the grapes had to be picked before they got too ripe, 2008 was a dream harvest; long and dry, allowing for perfect ripening conditions and the possibility of picking when the winemaker deemed perfect. That is a luxury seldom experienced in Oregon where rain is a constant threat to wreak havoc on harvest. In the end, what will distinguish the best Pinot Noirs is a rich, concentrated mid-palate that makes them irresistible early on, but should pack enough material to see these wines through with cellaring.
TWH began offering Patricia Green wines with the 2004 vintage. The demand for these wines has always been strong and the wines sell out quickly. The devotion to them reminds us how some follow their favorite Burgundy producer year in and year out. For the ’08 vintage we selected the same six Pinot Noirs that we offered for the ’07 vintage, with one additional bonus entry – 2008 Etzel Block. The ’07s, though a much maligned vintage overall, were incredibly successful for Patricia Green. The ’07 Pinot Noirs accentuated what we love about her wines: finesse and aromatics. The ’08s are a study in contrast to the ’07s as the perfect weather conditions in October provided grapes that were able to ripen slowly, had long hang-time and developed depth and intensity of flavor. As we’ve done in past years, we are offering a 6 bottle and 12 bottle sampler – no better way to keep up that vertical! – with a discount on what are otherwise net priced wines. Of course, you are welcome to order the wines individually if you prefer.
We have included snippets from the winery’s tasting notes. Who better to inform and tantalize than the folks who actually made the stuff!
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2008 Patricia Green Cellars Pinot Noir Reserve Willamette Valley
Red Wine; Pinot Noir; Willamette Valley;
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“In our minds this is far and away the best bottling of this we have ever done. The mix of wines is sensational, incorporating barrels from stalwart vineyards such as Balcombe, Whistling Ridge, Winderlea, Ana, and Croft into regular sites such as Cattrall, Croft-Williamson, Bradley, Four Winds, and Estate. In fact, more than 60% of this wine comes from vines planted prior to 1990. To us this is the perfect selection of this vintage. The wine has wonderful, sweet, flowery aromatics; is purely red-fruited with Griotte cherries and Oregon strawberries making up the mid-palate; and there is just enough acidity and tannin to give it balance, depth, and length…A classic, true-blue Oregon Pinot Noir!”
2008 Patricia Green Cellars Pinot Noir Croft Vineyard Willamette Valley
Red Wine; Pinot Noir; Willamette Valley;
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“This is, as with other wines from the vintage, the best bottling of Croft Vineyard we have produced to date. This wine has some serious guts to it, and it may take some time for it to completely unwind and release all the pent-up goodness that it holds inside. Still, it is a burly, black fruited, masculine, rich, and intense wine with a boatload of personality. As ageable as any wine we produced in 2008. A seriously interesting wine for those with some patience and cellar space.”
2008 Patricia Green Cellars Pinot Noir Eason Vineyard Dundee Hills
Red Wine; Pinot Noir; Willamette Valley;
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“This vineyard is perhaps our favorite site…Eason tends to be a bellwether vineyard for each particular vintage. That statement may never be truer than with the 2008 vintage. Unlike Balcombe, which displays its nature each year within the context of the vintage, Eason changes radically from one vintage to the next. The 2008 is a hearty, dense, rugged, and gamy style of the Eason Vineyard universe. The fruit has the Dundee Hills’ sweetness to it but with a distinct darker edge than any of our other bottlings from this appellation in 2008. The tannins are substantial but ripe so while it is chewy right now it will melt into richness over time. Fans of the 2005 bottling of Eason (a personal favorite here at the winery) will enjoy this one tremendously.”
2008 Patricia Green Cellars Pinot Noir Balcombe Dundee Hills
Red Wine; Pinot Noir; Willamette Valley;
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“This bottling has the sweetness of red fruit, high-toned acidity, and super-silky tannins that make Balcombe Vineyard such a terrific and sought-after site. There is a great deal of intensity in this particular wine and while its nature tends toward femininity and elegance there is an underlying darkness and strength to it that provide a whole different dimension. Fans of this bottling will love this vintage as it is mouth-watering, smooth, and rich, and it possesses so much substance that it will be terrific for many years down the road.”
2008 Patricia Green Cellars Pinot Noir Ana Vineyard Dundee Hills
Red Wine; Pinot Noir; Willamette Valley;
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“There is simply no replacing well-farmed, older-vines. The nuances, texture and innate complexity that these older vines provide are not qualities that a winemaker can fake. You either have these older vines and are able to bring forth these positive elements or you don’t. With Ana Vineyard these qualities make for incredible aromatics of rose petals, freshly cooked lamb, and earth toned red-spices. The texture is always graceful, at once being mouth-filling but never in an aggressive way. The finish is long, subtle and complete. As much as we liked the 2007 version of this (it was our personal favorite of the vintage) the 2008 has one more gear that will lead to a greater level of intensity in its youth and a longer ager in the cellar. This is a terrific rendition of what Dundee Hills Pinot Noir can and should taste like. 192 cases bottled.”
2008 Patricia Green Cellars Pinot Noir Estate Old Vine Ribbon Ridge
Red Wine; Pinot Noir; Willamette Valley;
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“The 26-acre Estate vineyard is an amazingly diverse site given its 360-degree hilltop planting, multiple vine ages, and clonal differences…The older vines here produce wine that is all about texture and nuance…The Old Vine bottling is a display of crystalline red fruit that has incredible depth and purity to it. The tannins are super-sleek and polished, giving the wine a fine mouth-coating texture that only super high-quality Pinot Noir can. At the back of all this is a minerally/quartzy quality that gives the wine its last and most interesting dimension and, to us, signifies the true nature of the Ribbon Ridge Appellation.”

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