2007 Puligny-Montrachet Paul Pernot

pulignysignOkay, so I’m biased. That’s understandable. One must love wine in order to work in this business. Funny thing is at the end of the workday, after I leave the shop, I am still fully engaged in all things vinous. That just comes with the gig, I guess … Even though I don’t grow grapes nor make wine, I feel that as long as my eyes are open, I am working (or something like that). At the risk of offending some of our readers who may be looking for banal and redundant tasting notes, I will just let my thoughts run wild here … because that’s what I do.

You never know what you’re going to get. No coincidence, I usually have a bottle of something when I visit my friends … or their friends! What exactly? I never know; but sometimes it really works. Before a recent band practice, our meeting venue was decided to be The Seafood Peddler in San Rafael, so with a little educated guesswork, I figured a bottle of White Burgundy would work well. Okay, that’s a little generic, ahem, a bottle of 2007 Paul Pernot Puligny-Montrachet was what I brought. Like I said before, I don’t grow grapes, nor do I make wine, but I do enjoy a fine bottle when I can, and I especially love it when it pairs well with good friends and good food. Well, in spirit of the brand new 2010 baseball season, I hit a homerun with the Puligny. I sit in humble gratitude to those vignerons like Paul Pernot whose efforts make it fun and easy to hit homeruns!

I packed the bottle in my Wine House Bag, yet left it in the trunk when I got to the restaurant. As I walked in, the boys were already in good spirits, as the promise of 3 hours of free flowing music weighed on our collective horizons. There were prawn quesadillas, calamari, and lobster … oh, excuse me gents, I left a bottle of wine in the car. When I came back, we popped the cork on the Puligny, and what a success it was! It showed exotic aromas of citrus blossoms and spice, and with racy acidity, displayed a mid-palate that was sublime with the food we were enjoying. I have always said that the best food and wine pairings are with white rather than red wine, and after an experience like this one, I am all the more convinced. The only problem was the bottle was empty long before the need for more was exhausted. Hmmm, just thinking out loud here; perhaps we should look into magnums of Pernot’s Puligny-Montrachet for occasions just like this one. – Peter Zavialoff



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