April 2010 Dirty Dozen

Spring has sprung, and even if we’re dodging raindrops for the time being, the optimism of another growing season cannot be contained. It’s exciting to know that the days will continue to get longer and warmer. For all of your vinous needs, allow us to offer a suggestion: 12 bottles, all different, all chosen for their versatility; we pack them in a box with a flyer that describes them and sell it for a crazy low price.

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2008 Hors Saison, Domaine La Hitaire – $11.99, $9.59 reorder
In the local dialect, ‘Hors Saison’ means ‘Outdoor Season’; so with it being spring and all, we’d like to kick off the April DD with a crisp white blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon that says, “Get out of that winter mode and enjoy the outdoors!”

2008 Chenin Blanc, Winery of Good Hope – $11.69, $9.35 reorder
Hmmm, something big’s a brewing down in South Africa. Well sure, there’s that tournament they call The World Cup, but something else is afoot. Howzabout the wine?? South Africa has been churning out some delectable vino recently; after all, they’ve only been producing wine since the 17th century. This Chenin is dry, clean, and expressive. Enjoy!

2008 Rose, Domaine Gournier – $5.95 sale price, $5.65 reorder
Speaking of the great outdoors, the longer days of spring are prime time for picnics! And no matter what you may be a packin’ in that there pic-a-nic basket, a dry, crisp Rose will do the trick! This one here has depth with a spicy profile. Just put a little chill on it, and you’re good to go. Bonus – if you forget your wine key, don’t worry, this one comes in screwcap!

2007 Soave Classico, Vigna della Stefano – $8.95 sale price, $8.50 reorder
From Italia’s Veneto region, this fleshy white is made from 100% Garganega. Another one perfectly suitable for the springtime weather; we envision a late lunch of langostinos … al fresco … and this here bottle of Soave classico!

2006 Montravel Blanc, Chateau Calabre – $5.95 sale price, $5.65 reorder
Daniel Hecquet is quite the recognizable figure in the Dordogne Valley. His Chateau Calabre of Montravel lies in an ideal setting just due north from Bordeaux’s easternmost outpost, St. Foy la Grande. For his Montravel, Daniel blends Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, and a drop of Muscadelle. The result? Great balance and harmony, and a perfect match for crab.

2008 Chardonnay, Foxglove – $11.98 net price, $10.78 reorder
The Varner brothers continue to gain praise for all of their wines. They have achieved much success with the Varner label. Their Foxglove wines have flown under the radar for some time, but those days are over. Huge on quality, short on price; these wines are not to be missed. Unfortunately for us bargain wine lovers, the critics know about them, and they talk …

2007 Syrah, Domaine Saint Antoine – $11.29, $9.03 reorder
No French wine growing region can boast of the consistent string of successful vintages as the southern Rhone Valley. The success in 2007 was not confined to the valley itself, as the vineyards in the Rhone’s environs have had much success also. This Syrah is rich and dense with notes of smokiness, earth, and dark red fruit. A perfect red to pair with that roast beef.

2007 Terre d’Ardoise, Mas Lavail – $12.59, $10.07 reorder
Very near the Spanish border on the Mediterranean side of France, is the Cotes Catalanes and the town of Maury. ‘Tis where you’ll find Mas Lavail. Their (mostly) Carignan blend has won the admiration of many a winemaker and chef, if we can divulge who it is that buys this wine. It’s a medium bodied effort with plenty of spice, garrigue, and complexity.

2008 Tutti I Giorni, Nutz!, Vino Noceto – $10.98 net price, $9.88 reorder
‘Tutti I Giorni’ roughly means ‘everyday’ and that’s the intention of this Cal-Ital grown in the Sierra Foothills: to produce a quality quaffer at a price that enables one to enjoy it any ol’ day. Made mostly from Sangiovese, this is the ideal wine to pop with a steamy bowl of spaghetti with Bolognese sauce.

2006 Tradicional, Quinta do Alqueve – $11.99, $9.59 reorder
Okay, time to get the notebook out. This four grape blend from Portugal is comprised of the famous Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz (Tempranillo), Trincadeira, and Periquita. It has a medium body with bright acidity and well-integrated oak. It’s the perfect selection to tee up with that pizza.

2007 Le Clos, Domaine Sainte Eugenie – $8.99, $7.19 reorder
Here’s one that comes from our ‘How do they do it?’ section. THIS four grape blend is made up of some rather recognizable varieties: Merlot, Grenache, Carignan, and Cabernet Sauvignon. It is deep. It is rich. Its verve of zippy fruit is enough to make any wine lover scratch their head and wonder, “How much did this cost?” Which, in turn, leads to, “I better get down to The Wine House and pick up a case while they still have some.”

2005 Prestige, Chateau Valcombe – $14.99, $11.99 reorder
One of our many regular customers was once asked if he had a cellar at home. He replied, “Why should I when I have one right here in your shop?!” Well, who can argue with that? This here Prestige cuvee is a perfect example of what he meant. It has spent some time in the bottle and is now perfectly mature and complex. Enjoy it now. Think rib-eye here.


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