In Stock – 2008 Chateau Les Alberts

Yes, the label depicted below says 2004. This offer is for the 2008. ‘Tis what the chateau’s website provided.

Bordeaux has been heavy on my mind lately, and as I busy myself with reading bulletin boards, Twitter Tweets, (I didn’t just say that, did I?), Facebook posts, and others’ tasting notes on the recently showcased 2009 vintage, I almost missed out on a super bargain.We are very often presented with samples of wines from all over the world, and our staff taste through them, making note of the interesting ones; and in this day and age, we especially seek out the great values. Anyone who knows me knows that I love Bordeaux … that’s a fact. Question is: Do I love them all? Of course not. I recently had to pull myself out of the Cercle de Rive Droite barrel tasting because I couldn’t handle any more young, tannic, overly extracted Merlot samples. Granted, there were several wines that showed well there; wines a little more restrained and subtle, allowing for nuance and complexity. I do appreciate the atavistic approach to winemaking, though its practitioners are dwindling in their numbers. As my good friend Anya says, “We taste a lot of bad wine so you don’t have to.” It’s what we do. We love wine every bit as much as you, and are thrilled whenever we come across a new find.
A sales rep came in the other day looking for David. He wasn’t in at the time, but she left a box which had all the look and weight of containing a bottle of wine. I spoke with David later on the phone informing him of this, and he recommended we taste it immediately as it contained a red Bordeaux that was going to retail for less than $10! Well, one has to manage expectations here. Less than $10? That means no new barrel, for one thing. No fancy consultants here either. What did I know about the 2008 Chateau Les Alberts? Absolutely nothing. So we opened the bottle, and guess what? It was good! It definitely had an “old school” feel to it. It was herbal and earthy, there was dark cherry fruit there, but it was behind the darker tones and zingy acidity. The tannins held the package together nicely, and we had another sub $10 winner. The longer it breathed, the more the fruit came out, but it still held on to its rustic quality. We called the importer back, trying to order as much as we could, and there was much less left than was originally offered to us. We bought all that we could get, but we didn’t get all that we wanted (so we apologize in advance for it selling out when it does).

Prospecting for quality wine in the sub $10 department can be a bit like a walk in a minefield; one needs to be careful or have a guide. But if you like an old-school, zippy, best-with-food Bordeaux, with no perceptible oak that weighs in at 9 bucks, you should pick up a few of the 2008 Chateau Les Alberts before they’re … Hey-Hey-Hey! all gone. – Peter Zavialoff


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