2009 Only Girls Rosé

I was planning to go out on limb and recommend a California Rose made from Zinfandel, but there are apparently limits to how easily and quickly new items can be uploaded to our website, so I’ll have to get to it another time. The arrival of newly bottled Rose from France for me signals the transition from Spring to Summer. And though one typically thinks of this as the beginning of Rose season, I am one who drinks pink wines year round. To only drink Rose when temperatures spike, say, above 70°, is akin to drinking Champagne only during the month of December. Why limit yourself? Coincidentally, a customer just left the store with a couple of Roses in tow who jokingly asked whether Memorial Day Weekend was the official start of Rose season. After we replied back that Rose season runs all year, he leaned over to us and whispered, “Heck, I love Rose so much I brush my teeth with it!”With at least ten different Roses in stock, it is not unreasonable to be asked which is your favorite. That though is a difficult question to answer. Honestly, I like all of them. Each has its unique flavor profile and character. Some are more delicate and refined, others full, exuberant expressions of fruit. Having said that, if you were to put a gun to my head and say pick one, I would point to the 2009 Only Girls Rose. Made from 100% Cinsault by rockstar winemaker Diane de Puymorin, this wine satisfies my urge for bright, cheery fruit delivered with panache. It’s an intriguing wine; though light in color and body, it creates a lot of impact on the palate. I get flavors of cantaloupe, orange blossom, peach skins, and find it finishes with what reminds me of that watered down last sip of Negroni served on the rocks. For those of you not familiar with Negronis, let me put it another way, it has a bit of sweet and bitter like Campari. As I’ve done before, I was compelled to bring out my Benjamin Moore color wheel to better describe the arresting, romantic color of the wine. Its pale shade matches nicely to Peachy Keen 2014-40. Would it be weird to paint room colors inspired by your favorite wine? Welcome to our Romanee-Conti dining room and in the kitchen we have wild yeast barrel-fermented Chardonnay on the trim. Sorry for the digression, I’m in the throws of an impending house renovation–paint chips, tile samples and the like are running amuck in my head.
I am really looking forward to having an extra day off to spend with family. I plan to lounge, nibble a few snacks and sink my nose into a glass of 2009 Only Girls Rose while watching my daughter run around the lawn with with our dog Marty and his dog cousins chasing behind. I won’t need much else.!!! – Anya Balistreri

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