2005 Mont Perat Magnums – Double Your Fun

If one is good, two is better. Though that’s not always the case with everything, it sure is true when it comes to having friends who like wine. We’ve gone on about half bottles before, and feel they sure come in handy in low key situations. But what to open when the room is full of friends? In keeping with the zeitgeist of recent events, allow me to suggest a double bottle … a magnum, that is!

All things are coming up double in my world these days. First off is THE DOUBLE. Wow. That was fun! And looking back on that week of fun, I remember that on my weekday off, I indulged in my once a year visit to In ‘N’ Out Burger. Any guesses what I might have ordered there? A Double-Double, of course. Must have been totally subconscious, because I didn’t pick up on the double theme until today. Last Sunday marked the anniversary of a doubleheader I went to a long time ago when Mike Ivie tied the National League record for most doubles in a doubleheader. Having a sometime photographic memory is both blessing and curse. (I don’t need to remember things like that.) I was double-booked for dinners last Sunday … my apologies to Anya’s Mom for the cancellation. So when this double business finally sunk in, it was only natural for me to start thinking magnums.

I was first introduced to Chateau Mont-Perat shortly after I started working here. We were stocking the 2003 back then. I looked the property up in my borrowed Hachette Guide to French wines, and guess what? The normally reserved and critical guide gave them a glowing report, and get this … included a picture of the label! For those of you unfamiliar with the Hachette Guides, they only include label pictures of very select wines. Names like Leoville Las Cases, DRC, and Haut Brion have their respective labels pictured in this book. I came in to work the next day and grabbed a bottle to see for myself. Was I impressed! Rich racy fruit, structure, harmony, and the Bordeaux terroir all packed into a bottle for a song. And that was the 2003! The 2005 benefited from the fabulous conditions and has a big, powerful structure which matches perfectly with the ripe fruit and spice. We always say, “Go after the little guys in big vintages.” This one tips the scale in the price to quality department. We sold out of our half bottles and 750’s long ago, after the producer was named in the manga Les Gouttes de Dieu, but for some odd reason, several magnums remain in stock.

Okay folks, you don’t see magnums of Bordeaux from great vintages for $41.98 very often … if at all. You should be buying this on principle alone! Let the tail wag the dog here. Buy a magnum and start inviting your friends over. Let’s get this party started. Me? I’m thinking about a double necked guitar and maybe a night at the Doubletree! – Peter Zavialoff

Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments regarding doubles, Bordeaux, or the World Cup: peter.winehouse@sbcglobal.net


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