2008 Hors Saison – Domaine La Hitaire

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During my recent exercise of discovering what members of our staff were taking home for Bastille Day, I stumbled upon a strange omission. I was able to add a couple of links from our blog to the wines we were choosing. You see, we have archived many of the emails that we send out on this blog, and it comes in handy to have this resource when we need some quick info. I was completely shocked when I was trying to find a link to the wine Anya had chosen. La Hitaire’s ‘Hors Saison’ blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon has been a huge favorite among staff and many a customer for as long as I’ve been slinging here. For some odd reason, we just haven’t written about it. Maybe we’re subconsciously not mentioning it so it stays in stock; though my best friend has purchased over 7 cases since I’ve been working here, so that can’t be it. Oh well, maybe the time just wasn’t right. Today, the time is right!

It’s certainly not just for summer, but since it IS summer, this is the perfect time to have a ‘Hors Saison’ chillin’ away. ‘Hors Saison’ literally means ‘outdoor season’ in the local dialect, so combine that with the handy screwcap enclosure, and you’ve got your picnic wine ready to go! From the Gascogne region in southwestern France, this wine is produced by the Grassa Family Vineyards. Yves Grassa’s sons, Remy and Armin run this property. They blend 85% Sauvignon Blanc and 15% Semillon in the Bordelais style. The Sauvignon gives the wine a refreshing crispness with zippy acidity, where the Semillon rounds off any hard edges, while it plumps the mid-palate with soft yellow fruit. It may as well be White Bordeaux. White Bordeaux for the people that is. This is certainly a recurring theme here at TWH, top-notch quality for a song. Many a first time customer has come in here looking for a crisp Sauvignon Blanc with an “under $20” price target, and they look at me funny when I recommend this bottle for $11.99. Right? When they say “under 20”, they probably mean around 17 or 18; so when I grab this, it is surprising. It’s fun when these customers return singing the accolades of the ‘Hors Saison’. Many of you are already on to this wine (you know who you are). Yes, there are more than a handful of customers who arrive at the counter, say hello, and are greeted with a case of ‘Hors Saison”! I mean $10.19 per bottle with the case discount? Come on!

So call it cheating, writing about a very popular, crisp, summer white wine. Maybe that’s why we haven’t written this up before. It’s like cheating. We don’t cheat. Maybe it’s because at this price, it doesn’t stay in stock very long. Maybe we want to hold some back for ourselves. Think what you like, this is a tough wine to pass up for 10 bucks, that’s for sure. I guess I better sock away my buddy’s 8th case while I still can. – Peter Zavialoff

Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments regarding Michael Essien’s glorious return, White Bordeaux, the Grassa Family Vineyards, or Lake Balaton: peter.winehouse@sbcglobal.net


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