October 2010 Dirty Dozen

Hello all. It’s October and harvest is in full swing! The excitement is contagious. In Bordeaux, they’re having another vintage of the century, whereas here in California, we are having what will most likely be the most interesting vintage to come about for some time now. Either way, not to worry. Pick up a Dirty Dozen. It’s packed with 12 diverse wines for one low price. Deals like this one are hard to come by!

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2008 Fernao Pires, Quinta do Alqueve – $11.99, $9.59 reorder
Bright. Sunshine. This white grape from Portugal encapsulates harvest season. The aromatics alone just effuse an orchard. Fleshy stone fruit, a hint of blossom, and a crisp finish make Fernao Pires an up-and-coming white that wine geeks have not yet been able to grasp. You can pour this with your ceviche … and you’ll love it.

2007 Riesling ‘Vieilles Vignes’, Domaine Ehrhart – $17.99, $14.39 reorder
Alsace is such an anomaly in France. They haven’t had a ‘vintage of the century’ since, well, last century! They’re not bragging about it, but 2007 was a great vintage for them. The fruit stayed on the vines until physiologically ripe and the acidity levels were perfect. Philippe Ehrhart coaxes sublime fruity flavors from his grapes. Cabbage rolls, yum.

2008 Sauvignon/Semillon ‘Hors Saison’, Domaine la Hitaire – $11.99, $9.59 reorder
Always one of our favorite price-busting white blends, we have the Grassa family vinters to thank for this gem. 85% Sauvignon Blanc is tamed with 15% Semillon in the White Bordeaux fashion resulting in a most quaffable, crisp beauty.

2009 Riesling, Kiona Veneyards – $9.98 net price, $8.98 reorder
A couple of gold medals in tastings don’t begin to tell the story of how yummy this Washington state Riesling is! It stays cool at night up north, and that creates the necessary acidity to balance the sweetness that ripe Riesling is able to put forth. Think flavors of white peach, pears, and spice here. This is the perfect wine for spicy chicken enchiladas.

2009 Viognier, Zolo – $9.98 net price, $8.98 reorder
No doubt René Magritte would be flattered with this label … but more so, he would have LOVED the wine behind it! Argentina is en fuego right now in the wine department, and with high elevation Viognier bursting on the scene, it is difficult to imagine the wine world devoid of this illustrious nation. Crisp peachy notes and all that! Caesar salad!

2008 Gewurztraminer, Aresti – $9.98 net price, $8.98 reorder
Whoa! This is a cool story. Yes, this is Gewurz from Chile. Not a typo. This dude from Chile comes in to pour for us. He explains that his dad was from Germany, and moved to Chile before he was born. Hence the Gewurz. Again with the elevation, the grapes were able to achieve great acidity to balance the full bodied profile. Curried shimp here … wow!

2008 Garnacha/Tempranillo, Armantes – $ 10.98 net price, $9.88 reorder
When this sample was poured for us, we were amazed at the delicacy this wine showed. It has aromas of pepper and anise, with a light/medium body on the palate. Think “food wine” here. Would be great with your pepperoni pie.

2009 Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon, The Royal – $11.98 net price, $10.78 reorder
Silky smooth, you’re most likely to think this blend comes from Australia rather than South Africa. But alas, it hails from the land of the Vuvuzela. 60/40 Shiraz/Cab Sauvignon, it has the stuffing to stand up to the hearties of dishes.

2007 Chianti, Roccapia – $9.98 net price, $8.98 reorder
Okay, so in the wine world, there are trends. Sometimes, the trends are not your friends. Sure everyone has heard of, and has tasted Chianti. Current trends always point to the new and undiscovered, which puts wines like Chianti on the back burner. Don’t miss out on this great representation of Sangiovese. This and a bowl of Nona’s pasta rock the house.

2005 Prestige, Chateau Valcombe – $14.99, $11.99 reorder
The top effort from this property, the Valcombe vineyards have existed since 1750. 70% old vine Syrah is blended with 30% Grenache resulting in a full bodied, earthy red that is plenty good to go now, but can last in your cellar. This is one of those quintessential reds that one stumbles across combing cafés in the South of France.

2006 GSM, Grange des Rouquettes – $12.99, $10.39 reorder
For 5 generations the Boudinauds have been making wine in the Rhone Valley. Carefully blending Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre, they seem to have the magical recipe for what a Red Rhone should taste like. Medium body, hints of pepper and earth, and a briary berry essence put this one over the top. Enjoy with your steak au poivre.

2008 Chateau Couronneau ‘Cuvee Pierre de Cartier’ – $19.98 net price, $17.98 reorder
Hey now! How did Christophe and Benedicte Piat’s top cuvee get in the DD? When things like this happen, it’s best to not ask questions. The strictest grape selection, and a little new barrel action make this the bomb when it comes to Bordeaux for a song. Here’s a great peek as to the pure juiciness of the 2008 vintage in Bordeaux. Leg of lamb here.

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Reorder Special !!! 20% off 6 bottles or more of any regularly priced Dirty Dozen wine! Or 10%/Net Wines 5%/ Sale Wines


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