Dinner At RN74 With Jeanne-Marie de Champs

jmglassGreetings. Exciting news! From Domaines et Saveurs in Beaune, negociante Jeanne-Marie de Champs will be in town Monday, October 11 for a special dinner at restaurant RN74! 

The litany of different wines that we have imported over the years that are sourced by Jeanne-Marie is so numerous that we don’t have time nor space to list them individually. However, just so you know, here are a handful or so: Chateau Couronneau, the Burgundies from Paul Pernot, Sancerre from Philippe Raimbault, the White and Red Burgundies from Chateau de la Maltroye, and our new discovery, the Cru Beaujolais from Chateau de Raousset.

rn74In conjunction with San Francisco’s celebrated restaurant RN74, we will be having a dinner with Jeanne-Marie next Monday, October 11. You are all invited to join us, as it will surely be a memorable occasion! On the docket, the Arlaux Brut Champagne will be poured, along with the dry Vouvray “Silex” from Domaine d’Orfeuilles, then a fine Meursault from Domaine Michel Bouzereau, and topping it off with the 2007 Echezeaux (I just love typing that word!) from Domaine Lamarche! 

Talk about an impressive lineup! Keep in mind, there may be some other selections available, however, at the time of this writing, we have no idea if and what there will be. What we do know is RN74 is a happening restaurant with impeccable food, service, and ambiance. It will be our pleasure to see you all there next Monday!

Here’s how to get in on the action: RN74 is quarterbacking the whole event. Please contact the restaurant directly to make reservations. Their phone number is: 415.543.7474. You may also reserve your space using Open Table. VERY IMPORTANT!!! When making your reservation, either way, please BE SURE TO INFORM THEM that you want to be part of the “Monday Winemaker Dinner”. THAT IS THE ONLY WAY TO BE INCLUDED! They begin serving at 5:30 PM, you are welcome to make your reservation for whichever time may be convenient for you. You will be free to order the prix fixe dinner or anything a la carte from their menu. You will also be free to order any of the wines presented for the dinner, either individually, or as a flight, as well as anything else that the restaurant is offering. The cost of the event? It all depends on what you order. Please refer to RN74’s menu for hints as to what it may cost.

coutetlabelThis is our first winemaker dinner with RN74! We’re looking forward to it, BIG TIME! Come join us, it promises to be one special evening.


PS:  Look for a future “Winemaker Dinner” at RN74 sometime in 2011, with Aline Baly and her wines from Chateau Coutet!

Please direct any inquiries to RN74: 415.543.7474. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have as well. Please feel free to contact me at 415.355.9463 or at: peter.winehouse@sbcglobal.net. – Peter Zavialoff


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