Xavier Monnot: 2006 Puligny Montrachet

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, WINE HOUSE! An independent, retail wine store open for 33 years? Now that is something to celebrate. And celebrating we are with spectacular deals-n-steals. The 2006 Puligny Montrachet from Xavier Monnot tops my list of sensational bargains particularly for those who, like me, dream of drinking white Burgundy ALL THE TIME. At only $39.95 (originally $70), getting your hands on world-class Chardonnay is no longer just a dream; it can be a reality.

So many reasons to love this wine…let’s begin with the producer: Xavier Monnot. We’ve been singing Monnot’s praises for a couple years now. His ability to coax rich fruit without camouflaging a sense of place is a real talent and a major reason why Monnot’s wines appeal to both those new to white Burgundy and those who have been longtime avid devotees. Our tag line for Monnot’s wines has been that his Puligny tastes like Puligny, his Meursault tastes like Meursault and so on. The grapes that go into Monnot’s Pulingy Montrachet come from 60-year old vines that according to my sources are either below Charmes or Les Referts. Regardless of the exact location, the age of the vines and its placement in Puligny Montrachet provides superior material for some powerhouse Chardonnay. The 2006 Puligny Montrachet is true to the vintage with a ripe, tropical fruit profile. That tropicality and ripeness is buoyed by a stealthily hidden streak of acid that keeps the wine alive and refreshing. A weighty mouthfeel and a persistent finish signals to your tastebuds that they are now entering another realm of Chardonnay goodness. With Dungeness Crab Season in full swing, I can’t help salivating just thinking about pairing this with succulent crab dipped in butter, or better yet, mayonnaise (did I just write that? No, I don’t do that!). At a recent staff tasting, we all agreed that Monnot’s 2006 Puligny Montrachet is the type of white Burgundy that can really go far into a meal; not just relegated to fish and shellfish, it would be outstanding with poultry, pork or veal.

It’s getting crazy at the store now (THE SALE IS ON!), so I better finish this up. But before I do, I have to mention two other tasty treats: 2006 and 2007 Batard Montrachet from Paul Pernot. Come on, treat yourself. The holidays are upon us and you owe it to yourself to try a Grand Cru at least once. I had the pleasure of trying these two wines side by side at our Holiday Staff Dinner this past January. And let me tell you, I think I can still taste them! The 2006 was opulent with lots of volume and power, whereas the 2007 was sleeker and more delineated, though not lacking in fruit. They are strong reflections of their vintage. Thank you to all who have made it possible for us to make it to the thirty-three year mark. As they say in Russian, Many Years Wine House! – Anya Balistreri


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