Bertrand Ambroise: 2006 Cotes du Nuits

Yee Ha! It’s Anniversary time around here, and we are so happy to be able to help y’all find some incredible deals on some outstanding wines! Where to start? Where to finish? Well, what do you like? We’ll listen, we’ll help; that’s what we’re here for. 33 years is a long time for a small, independent business like ours to be around, and we are proud and happy to punch the “33” on our time-cards! With so many choices, I’m not going to overthink the subject of tonight’s email. I’ll just tell you what went down last Saturday. 

With the sale in full gear, we knew going in to the day, that Anya had to be protected while she composed last weekend’s email. Tom and I were moderately successful achieving this goal. Well, the proof’s in the pudding (or email). Anyhoo, at the end of a pretty hectic day, I got a very welcome phone call. See, I had no plans (pretty lame, right? Saturday night?). I hadn’t quite figured out what I was going to do, when my buddy called. He had a few mixed cases of sale wines waiting for him here, so as I was to deliver them, he and his girlfriend invited me over for dinner. This is always a treat for me. He’s a great friend and great chef, and she is a treasure! Out came risotto, grilled asparagus, grilled portabellas, and 3 juicy New York steaks!!! There was California Pinot Noir to start and Red Bordeaux to go with the steaks. Great conversation flowed seamlessly and that made me eat more slowly than I normally do. (And I eat slow. Really slow.) Then there was a galette with some kind of dark berry filling … wow! What a fortuitous turn of events!

As if things weren’t going great already, the idea arose to head down to the music room and plug in the guitars. Talk about singing for your supper! With the wine all gone, the question arose, “What wine to drink now?” My buddy, like everyone, loves a good bargain. He’s pretty much given me an open order to scoop up anything I think represents a great deal on something that I think he would like. He likes all kinds of different wines, but really likes rustic, farmer made Burgundy. So when the price on the 2006 Bertrand Ambroise Cotes de Nuits Villages dropped below $20 for the sale, we issued him a case. Pulling one out of the box, I grabbed the corkscrew, and we headed on down. Great jams, great songs, everybody singing and having fun.
“Hey Pete, what did this wine cost?”
“Eighteen bucks.”
“I hope I got a case.”
“Come on, it’s me!”

Tasting note below.Peter Zavialoff

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Tasting Note
At every price point, there is always something wonderful about pouring a bottle of Red Burgundy. Its color is deep garnet; its aromas start with earthy tones which resolve in an herbal wrapped red berry. On the palate there is proper structure, medium body, more earthy tones that finish with the herbal berries. It leans toward the rustic side, but has ample fruit which makes it drinkable on its own. Put it on your Thanksgiving table, and watch it disappear!

PS: From all of us here at TWH, to all of you, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


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