2007 Lacuna Red Blend

Simply put, DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS!!! Lacuna is a project put together by two gentlemen in the wine business who have long dreamed of creating a label of their own. First, they secured the best fruit possible and then, as luck would have it, were able to get one of the hottest winemakers around, Morgan Twain-Peterson of Bedrock Wine Company fame, to make it into wine. I must pause here a moment. The last time an offer for Bedrock was sent out, the wine sold out, and long after, requests for more kept coming in. Seems Bedrock is no longer a well-kept secret…Oh no, the cat is WAAAAAY out of the bag. There were the HUGE Parker points in the August 2010 edition. And then just last month, on The Wine Spectator Top 100 List for 2010. Well, you get the picture. In fairness, I long ago warned that this would happen, only I didn’t think it would happen this quickly. In my humble opinion, the accolades are completely deserved. My only hope is that they don’t forget their old friends here at TWH!!! Okay, back to the 2007 Lacuna.
The 2007 Lacuna is a blend of mostly Syrah, about 70%. It comes from what is described as a cool climate, high elevation vineyard that commands prices upwards of $60 per bottle, if named. The balance of the 2007 Lacuna is Grenache, Zinfandel and Cinsault, the latter from a 100+ year old vineyard. What you get is a well-integrated mash-up of fruit such that no one varietal takes center stage. The 2007 Lacuna was intended to be backwards and age-worthy; the idea was to make a high-toned structured, aromatic wine. They succeeded. It may be perplexing to some that the intention was not to go for a high-octane, fruit bomb, after all that’s what seems to be the norm in such collaborations. Yet in this instance, all the parties involved have an Eurocentric taste for wine and wanted to create a Californian wine from that perspective. That being said, make no mistake, this is North Coast fruit and even with the cool climate vineyard locales, this red has plenty of rich, complex fruit to keep even the hardcore Cali drinker happy. For me, what makes this wine so darn appealing is the clever blending that, like an old Field Blend, hits all the flavor points on the palate without screaming, I’m THIS or I’m THAT. There is mystery here. My impulse, upon tasting a wine, is to name it, describe it, and file it under its appropriate heading. With the 2007 Lacuna, it didn’t work out that way. Instead I was inclined to reflect, contemplate and discuss. Did I mention yet that only 235 cases were produced? Won’t be around for long, sadly. It would make a thoughtful gift; even the boys at the shop commented on the handsome label—something not usually commented on around here.

So let me drive this home as succinctly and as persuasively as possible: The 2007 Lacuna is a sensational value. Great winemaker? Check! Great fruit source? Check! Small, artisan production? Check! Delicious? Check! And now the kicker: ONLY $24.98 PER BOTTLE!!!! I have long ago learned that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Not so here. I’m so jazzed The Wine House is able to offer a wine of this caliber at this price. Whether you’re gifting others or yourself, the 2007 Lacuna is the way to go this Holiday Season. Wrapping up a bottle for myself as we speak. Been mostly nice this year, honest! – Anya Balistreri


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