2009 Picollo Ernersto Gavi DOCG

Happy Mardi Gras, everybody! We’ve been grooving to Cajun sounds all day here at TWH, and we’ve definitely caught the New Orleans vibe. Mmmm, New Orleans. Fond memories; I greatly improved my standing in the eyes of The Big Easy the last time I was there. Anyways, there’s all this talk of beads and crayfish and zydeco and oyster po’boys! Dinner time’s coming on, and we’ve got four TWH empoyees’ tummys a’rumblin.

So yes, Cajun fried chicken, red beans and rice, or Jambalaya; we can go in many directions with this theme. Is there a wine that can go with all those options? I’d like to think so. My colleagues are not going to be very happy with me after they read this, because everybody here loves this wine! Emily took it “out for a date”, and wrote about it recently. Take into consideration its versatility, sense of place, complexity and price, and the 2009 Picollo Ernesto Gavi is the best white wine deal currently in the house! Yup, the best.

This is the second vintage of Picollo Ernesto’s Gavi we’ve imported, and I have to say, it won’t be the last. Hints of lemon blossoms and that vitamin-like mineral waft from the glass; the palate is fresh and crisp with a soft, mouth-coating fruitiness that is balanced by vibrant acidity; the finish is in full harmony with the fruit and mineral bonking each other on the head as they gleefully fade away.

Yes, once again Happy Mardi Gras! Whether you’re chowing down something that reminds you of New Orleans, something Cajun, or anything really, don’t miss out on the 2009 Picollo Ernesto Gavi DOCG.Peter Zavialoff


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