May 2011 Dirty Dozen

There is but one month of 31 days all spent in spring, and here we are! It is national barbecue month, then there’s Cinco, the Derby, all ending with the unofficial kickoff of summer, Memorial Day. What to do about all those occasions which warrant a glass of this or a glass of that? The Dirty Dozen is a value giant with its 12 bottles, all chosen for their versatility, packed into one box for an incredibly low price. Viva la DD!

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2009 Sauvignon Blanc, Targovishte – $8.98 net, $8.08 reorder
Exotic? Have a look at the bottle of this Black Sea Coastal Sauvignon Blanc, and you’ll know you’re not in western Europe anymore. Kickin’ off the May DD, we present a nice, crisp, easy to drink Bulgarian white! It’s got all the familiar Sauv Blanc characteristics, but maintains a sense of place. Warm days=cool Sauvignon Blanc. Nazdrave!

2009 Chenin Blanc, Bella Valle – $7.98 net, $7.18 reorder
Say what you will about the times we’re living in, but if high quality, very affordable wine is a result of them, then good for us all! This Cali Chenin Blanc is bright and zesty offering up hints of orchard fruit and honey. It’s a brilliant springtime wine that pairs well with that couscous salad or maybe that hamachi crudo.

2009 Riesling, Skyleaf – $8.98 net, $8.08 reorder
In honor of the upcoming Rugby World Cup being held this year in New Zealand, here’s a lively little Kiwi Riesling. The All-Blacks haven’t won it since its inception, but if they’re half as good as this here Riesling, the hosts stand a strong chance of raising the cup! Full of appley, melon-like fruit braced with fresh acidity, it’s the perfect picnic white.

2008 Chardonnay, Lalande – $12.59, $10.07 reorder
DD regulars should be well aware of the quality of the white wines with the Lalande label on them. From Gascogne in southwest France, the Grassa family vineyards churn out super quality Chardonnay for an extremely fair price. Their 2008 has just the right amount of fleshy fruit buoyed by fresh acidity and should suit that Crab Louie perfectly.

2007 Sancerre ‘Apud Sariacum’, Domaine Raimbault – $23.49, $18.79 reorder
And then there are times when you need a top quality Sauvignon Blanc … where do you go? To Sancerre, of course! Home of some of the most famous Sauvignon Blanc vineyards, the Loire Valley in France has the perfect terroir for this grape variety. The Apud Sariacum is rich in mineral, has a citrus fruit profile, and goes perfectly with a bowl of mussels.

2009 Riesling ‘Incline’, Selbach – $10.98 net, $9.88 reorder
If you’ve never seen how the Riesling is grown in the Mosel in Germany, think incline. As in steep incline. As in vines that are hand picked for a reason. Johannes Selbach is doing us all a solid by somehow crafting this slightly sweet Riesling and offering it for a song. Who says it’s hard to pair wine with a spicy Thai salad? Or Kung Pao Chicken?

2008 Old Vine Garnacha, Vina Alarba – $9.98 net, $8.98 reorder
Spain’s Calatayud seems to be bargain central for high quality red wine these days, so we went prospecting and came up with a bunch; take this here Garnacha. It’s soft and plush, kind of like those velvety beanbag chairs of the 1970’s.

2009 Bonarda, Colonia Las Liebres – $8.98 net, $8.08 reorder
The first of a brace of Argentine reds, this has got to be one of the best deals we’ve seen in a long while! Bonarda is originally from the Piemonte region in Italy. Its aromas are dense and fruit driven, think black cherries; on the palate, it’s deep and complex but in a medium bodied way. This is the kind of red wine that will go well with skewered beef.

2008 Syrah, Fatascia – $12.98 net, $11.68 reorder
It may say 2008 on the label, but the complexity of this Old World Syrah makes you scratch your head wondering how that happens with such a young wine. Anya insists that we serve this wine with our Rigatoni alla Norma.

2007 Grenache VDP, Andre Brunel – $9.99, $7.99 reorder
If you love Red Rhone wines, you know 2 things: Andre Brunel makes pretty dang good wines, and 2007 was a sensational vintage for the region. All of that shows in this here bottle. Ripe fruit and backbone, herbs and spice … yum.

2005 Cabernet/Syrah ‘Cuvee Alex’, Chateau Guiot – $21.49, $17.19 reorder
Cabernet Sauvignon. Syrah. Sounds right. This special cuvee, made especially for importer Robert Kacher, has the profile of a much more pricy wine. Dark cherry fruit, spice, and forest floor dominate the aromatics; the wine is full-bodied, yet zippy, with a perfectly balanced finish. Yep, this is the wine to pour when the rib-eyes come off the grill!

2009 Syrah, Alberto Furque – $14.99, $11.99 reorder
Now for something completely different. New World, southern hemisphere Syrah. The vines grow 3000 ft above sea level, providing the cool nights necessary for the wine to develop proper acidity. True to its variety, there is tobacco and leather in the aromas; the palate is marked by ripe berry-like fruit and vibrant acidity, suggesting this will pair perfectly with an herb encrusted roast pork loin.

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