Bastille Day Dinner At Range With Chateau Coutet

With the multitude of flavors and textures one finds in contemporary cuisine, it becomes a major challenge to find a wine versatile enough to pair with the many tastes and feels. A concept that is new to many, though hardly new at all is to use one of Bordeaux’s Gold wines. The sweet wines of Barsac/Sauternes make perfect accompaniment for dinner. Especially if the chef is juggling a complex array of texture and flavor.Back in January, together with Aline Baly of Chateau Coutet in Barsac, we held a dinner at Restaurant Picco in Larkspur pairing 3 vintages of Chateau Coutet with Chef Jared Rogers’ delectable expression of flavor and mouth feel. The results? Smashing. Every participant of that event left Picco satisfied … tremendously satisfied.It was such a success that we’re going to do it again! Aline is coming back to SF to visit (she’s calling it a vacation, though it sounds like work to me) in July and we’re teaming up with Chef Phil and Cameron West of Range Restaurant in the Mission for another Barsac/Sauternes tasting dinner, get this, on Bastille Day! What a way to celebrate, right? Seating will be limited to 60 diners; won’t you join the fun for this rare epicurean event? French speaking optional.
Dinner Details:
Where? Range Restaurant, 842 Valencia St (between 19th and 20th streets)

When? Thursday, July 14, 2011 at 7:00 PM for arrival; 7:30 PM for sit down

How Do I Make Reservations? Range Restaurant will be handling all reservations. Please call them anytime after 3:00 PM at 415.282.8283 and be sure to mention “The Chateau Coutet Dinner on July 14th” when making your booking.

How Much Does It Cost? The dinner with the wines included will cost $135 per diner. Please note: tax and gratuity not included.

What Are The Wines? Diners will be served 1 glass each of 2005, 2006 and 2007 Chateau Coutet. There are rumors that Aline will be treating all diners to a taste of an older vintage of Chateau Coutet.

What’s On The Menu? Though the menu is not 100% certain, it will resemble this:
A cocktail of sorts during the meet and greet period
Amuse Bouche
Stuffed pasta featuring summer truffles, fava beans and goat cheese
Oysters Diablo
Quail with Albufera sauce and sides

Where can I park? Parking can be difficult at times, please allow time to find street parking, or there is a public lot not far away on 21st St.

Any Other Questions? Please direct them to Peter Zavialoff – 415.355.9463 or

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