2010 Domaine de Pouy: Summer in a Glass

The 2010 Domaine de Pouy is the epitome of what a Summer white house pour should be; it is snappy and crisp, LOW in alcohol, and under $10. It’s perfectly satisfying on its own and versatile enough to move through with a meal. The 2010 Domaine de Pouy is bursting with tangy white grapefruit flavors, lime zest aromatics and a thrilling acid finish. The sharp contrast between ripe fruit and acid had TWH staff wondering if this is perhaps a common characteristic of the vintage in France since this contrast has been widely noted of 2010 Bordeaux. Remarkable how a humble white from the Cotes de Gascogne can trigger a conversation about the merits of a particular vintage in Bordeaux! Made from a blend of Ugni Blanc and Colombard, Domaine de Pouy is a staple at our store and though dear to our palates, may not always get the attention it deserves. In fact, the last time I wrote about Domaine de Pouy was four vintages ago. Far too long not to shed a light on what is consistently one of the best value whites from France.
The mastermind behind Domaine de Pouy is the swashbuckling Yves Grassa who took grapes that were slated to be distilled into Armagnac, applied modern winemaking techniques that preserved their freshness, then fermented them into a quaffable, zippy white wine. For over 20 years TWH has been singing the praises of this workhorse white that brings the ease and simplicity of French country living into your home and onto your table. This is seriously good juice.
My love affair with Domaine de Pouy started the moment I came to work at TWH. Even with my heavy on the California Chardonnay background, Domaine de Pouy immediately appealed to my palate. Domaine de Pouy was the first wine I selected for the first ever Dirty Dozen sampler and was the white wine I served at my wedding, henceforth known as The Wedding White. It didn’t exactly hurt to meet Yves Grassa to fall even deeper in love with Domaine de Pouy as his bigger than life personality is infectious. I remember one visit to France when a lovely, proper Southern Lady who ran a successful restaurant, upon shaking Monsier Grassa’s hand, cooed to him “I just love Pouy!”(emphasis on the oo-eee). It is now impossible for me to say Domaine de Pouy out loud without hearing this line reverberate inside my head. Last weekend our family catered my nephew’s wedding with over 200 guests in attendance. I now know there is a reason why people hire professionals! I am only now recovering from the hard work, fun and heightened emotions. Thankfully everything came off, more or less, as planned. Certainly no one left hungry or thirsty! A good time was had by all; including my daughter who was still going strong at midnight! Looks like I’m in for a lot of trouble. Payback’s a ….!–Anya Balistreri

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