The Fantastic 2009 Paul Pernot Burgundies

Pssst. Recognize this label? Yup. It’s Paul Pernot’s Puligny-Montrachet. These wines are among the precious few White Burgundies that once drunk will never be forgotten. Once you’ve had a Pernot Puligny, it is difficult to envision a comparable white wine experience. Through negociante Jeanne-Marie de Champs, we are able to directly import Pernot’s wines, and by golly we are happy and proud to do so! David traveled to Burgundy this past January and tasted through Pernot’s line-up and wrote the following:

“At the great estates, there’s always something fascinating to discover, no matter what the vintage. At Pernot, 2009 is about as pleasing a vintage as I have ever tasted. It’s a vintage where the fruit is king, and in which the wines are almost impossible to resist now. (Here’s a thought: If the pleasure is there for the taking, why not take it?)

The village Puligny-

Montrachet, always a good benchmark

for the vintage, has a lovely spice note on the palate. It tastes nourished, not fat, not sleek, just beautifully balanced and delicious. The Puligny ‘Clos de la Garenne‘ has more flesh and richness than I have ever encountered, yet it still manages to retain a stony note that is so prized in this wine. The Puligny ‘Folatières‘ has, as always, more power than the Garenne, and vive la difference! The Puligny ‘Pucelles‘ has a real crescendo of flavor, and I detected an almost Ramonet-like minty note on it this year. Fascinating! The Grand Cru Bienvenue Bâtard Montrachet is truly compelling, with its apple/pear scent and custard-y finish.

(Please note: The 2009 Bâtard Montrachet sold out in between the time we received it and the time this write-up went to press, but we have ordered more, and are offering it at a special pre-arrival price of $179. It’s scheduled to arrive in the early fall.
And, last, but not least, we have one of Pernot’s reds from 2009! The lovely, beautifully fragrant Volnay ‘Carelle Sous la Chapelle.’ If bouquet is something you prize in Red Burgundy, this is worth it on nose alone. Burghound’s Allen Meadows calls it ‘lacy’ and I think that’s perfect. This isn’t a powerhouse, but it’s beautiful Red Burgundy.” – David Netzer


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