2009 Domaine Pierre Savoye Morgon Cote du Py

So how’s everyone’s summer going? Tasting anything exciting? Things are great here at TWH. By virtue of the generosity of a great many individuals, I’ve been lucky enough to sip 1996 Lagrange, 1986 Clerc Milon, 1975 Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Auslese from Sanctus Jacobus, and 1971, 1949 and 1926 Coutet this summer (The latter 3 at the Bastille Day dinner we had with Aline Baly of Chateau Coutet at Range Restaurant – look for a recap of the event in form of a blog post next week). So yes, very lucky. But drinking special occasion wine isn’t really what summer is all about, is it? When I think of summer wines, I think of grabbing a chilled bottle of Rosé and running out the door to a picnic. Or maybe sipping a cool, crisp white wine from the French countryside with friends while we wait for the coals to heat up. But what if you want something red? Beaujolais is THE perfect summer red wine. It’s fresh, it’s lightweight, has uber-friendly cherry-like fruit, and it tastes terrific with a slight (very slight) chill! Last night’s homerun was the 2009 Domaine Pierre Savoye Morgon, Côte du Py.
We all know how quickly plans can change, and when I realized my curry chicken/Gewurztraminer pairing was not going to happen for favor of bow-tie pasta with red bell pepper sauce, I was thrilled that I just happened to have a bottle of Savoye’s 2009 Morgon handy. We’ve already told you all how great a vintage 2009 was for Beaujolais, especially Cru Beaujolais. Seriously, to describe it, one would have to use the word “perfect”. I’m desperately trying to forget about the case I socked away in the cellar (I really want to see what 10 years can do to great Gamay!). Anyway, when I caught wind of the pasta sauce, I knew the Savoye was going to be perfect. Popped the cork, poured out some glasses and the color gets you straight away. Its bright color is reminiscent of cranberry meets ruby, but hold on to your hat when you go in for the aromatics! I got dark cherry and cedar yes, but then something smokey and earthy, and then the fruit came back with more focus than before … amazing. No better idea than to taste it at this point, and I tipped the glass. I found myself in the middle of a black cherry and raspberry forest! It was fresh and lively, dancing on the palate like a mongoose at a rave. Seriously, it had everything I look for in a great Gamay! The finish was bright and zippy and it teamed up with the acid in the pasta sauce perfectly. Let it be known that I will be pouring Cru Beaujolais with pasta way more often!
So there you have it. Summer is still a long way from being over. There will still be plenty of warm weather left for your summer wines of choice. Be they pink, white or red. Yes, do try a chilled Beaujolais, you won’t regret it (30 minutes or so in the fridge is usually perfect). Especially if it’s the 2009 Domaine Savoye Morgon Côte du Py. Me? I’m happy. Tomorrow morning I’ll be watching the Charity Shield. Welcome back footy season!!!Peter Zavialoff

Please feel free to email me with any great tasting experiences from this summer, about 2009 Cru Beaujolais, the Charity Shield, or anything else: peter.winehouse@sbcglobal.net


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