2008 Le Farnete Carmignano

Greetings, All. We’re hoping the weekend was a good one for everyone. TWH has been a-buzz with banter about what was tasted over the weekend; Burgundy, Nero d’Avola, and Cava, just to name a few. But the wine we can’t stop talking about today is the 2008 Carmignano from Enrico Pierazzuoli’s Le Farente.

We brought in a container last month, this time it was chock full of goodies from Italia. With all of the excitement about the new vintages of Ambra Tiraboschi’s Luganas (Turbiana), her Cabernet Sauvignon, the Giavi Prosecco and Ernesto Picollo’s trio of 2010 Gavi (Cortese), 2008 Carmignano(80% Sangiovese 20% Cab Sauvignon) ALMOST got by unmentioned. To reiterate: it’s not our first vintage of this wine. We brought in the oh-so-lovable 2004, the sturdy 2005, and the 2008. Shortly after its arrival back in January did we open a bottle for our staff to taste. I won’t forget that day. I poured a taste and swirled. Mind you, I was still 5 minutes away from tasting it, as I stood mesmerized those 5 minutes by the wine’s aromas. Still without tasting it, I calmly walked over to David’s office and offered him a taste. His eyes got big. He looked impressed. I nodded. I said, “We’re going to need another pallet of this one.” He nodded. The original pallet was long gone in short time, and we had to wait a couple of months for the next one to make its long journey here. Well it’s back in-stock now! And it’s that good! And yes, it will sell out again; hopefully you get to try it. – Peter Zavialoff


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