2010 Lugana from Ca’ Lojera

ambraAn embarrassment of riches
is what that is, all those cases of Ca’ Lojera stacked up high at TWH. How happy it makes me feel to see all that luscious Lugana waiting to be drunk. I also, admittedly, feel a tinge of pride when I look at their labels and read “Imported by Wine House Limited, San Francisco, CA”…that’s us!!!! We introduced Ca’ Lojera to you this past winter and the response to the wines has been overwhelming. A second shipment from Ca’ Lojera quickly followed and brought with it the 2010 Lugana which is as enchanting and delicious as was the ’09. The apples-n-cream fruit is bright and alive and has a finish that reveals minerality and finesse. The 2010 Lugana, once again, outperforms for quality and price. At $15 per bottle, the 2010 Lugana allows you to step up to a level of complexity and quality that is rarely found at this price. How does Ambra do it? Ambra Tiroboschi that is, along with her husband Franco, do it by seemingly doing nothing, as in letting the grapes do their thing, and doing everything, as in doing all that is necessary in the vineyards to get the best fruit possible and doing much of the same in the winery.


I’ll go ahead and just say it: I adore Ambra. There are many reasons why and I could easily list them, but it comes down to this; I met Ambra and I just knew she was special. Well apparently, Ambra has a way of making lots of people feel this way as evidenced this week when an established and successful importer of Italian wine stopped by to present us with his portfolio. Now I’ve known this gentleman for years and have been buying wine from him just as long, so I am well acquainted with his impeccable palate and dedication to independent, high quality producers. Not five minutes into our meeting, he began to gush about Ambra and her wines. There was a lot of “you felt that way too?” “isn’t Ambra wonderful and aren’t the wines amazing?” and on and on we went. And then before leaving the store, he bought three bottles of the 2010 Lugana. I probably should have mentioned earlier that this importer met Ambra in Italy last April. He was so impressed with her wines that he asked to import Ca’ Lojera but was told he couldn’t because Ca’ Lojera was already imported by Wine House Limited (aka The Wine House). So you know what he did? Upon returning home, he promptly called David to congratulate him on acquiring Ca’ Lojera. Though wine business folk can be a friendly bunch, this type of gesture normally doesn’t happen (business is business after all). I hope this story helps to illustrate the level of quality and deliciousness that is inherent in Ca’ Lojera’s wines.

I keep dreaming of a visit to Italy. Its been a looong time; a year longer than my marriage, oh yeah…Happy Anniversary Koshka! My in-laws are traveling through Italy right now. My niece is there too, spending a semester abroad. Her father and mother are planning to visit soon to “check up” on her. Can’t I go too? Ok, so whats a girl to do in the meantime? You know it…crack open another bottle of 2010 Lugana! If I can’t be there at least I can get a taste of Italy!
Anya Balistreri


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