2006 Santa Duc Côtes du Rhône Vieilles Vignes

Rabbit, rabbit. Do you do that? I had never heard of it until around 5 years ago. Apparently, if the first words you utter on the first day of the month are “rabbit, rabbit”, you will have good luck throughout that month; if you believe in that sort of thing.

Catching up on things a bit here, it’s been a little hectic ever since Snoop Dogg et all hung out here on Carolina St. First off, congratulations to all of you who bought some 2001 Château Lanessan. I’ve tasted it 4 more times since it arrived, and I have to say it was a fantastic deal! Thank you all for your response, as it has sold out. Never fear, the negociant that we bought it from was visiting yesterday, and we’ve got more on the way. Look out for another batch come December.

The latest French container has got us all whirling about, trying to get pallets broken down, and the wines on the floor. I recently took an entire day off from working for what Chris calls “the chair force”, to get the Bordeaux section looking ship-shape. We’ve got 2008 Bordeaux in stock, a couple of back vintages of my favorite Barsac/Sauternes château, some great new Burgundies, and some über bargains on a handful of wines made by an old friend just outside of Bordeaux (more about those soon). So we’re a crew of maximizers ’round here these days. But as Emily pointed out the other day, everyone’s gotta eat, so why not wash your next dinner down with something unpretentious, inexpensive, and delicious? Easier said than done, you say? That’s why we’re here.


Hands down, over the years, one of our favorite southern Rhône producers has been Domaine Santa Duc located in Gigondas. There’s just something magical about what Yves Gras can do with Grenache. His wines have depth, grip, earthiness, complexity, and a peppery nuance that orbit around gently coaxed, elegant, pure purple fruit. The wines from Santa Duc have a strong following among TWH customers and staff alike. Well, here’s the good news. Once again, while browsing a close-out list, we came across a super deal. The 2006 Santa Duc Côtes du Rhône Vieilles Vignes jumped off the page, as we know the wine well and couldn’t believe its reduced price. We backed up the truck for what we know will soon be another sold out TWH deal! A good customer of ours, who has enjoyed the Santa Duc wines over the years, came in the other day to pick up some other wine, and when I saw him, I instantly remembered to tell him about the 2006 Vieilles Vignes. He bought a case that day. The next morning, we received an email from said customer. It read, “We popped a bottle of the Côtes du Rhône last night, and it was great. Can you please put 4 cases aside for us?” He picked them up the same day. I anticipate that he won’t be the only one taking advantage of this crazy good deal.

Funny. I was helping two young ladies choose some wine earlier today for an event they’re planning. They were looking for “high-quality sub 10 dollar wine”. Normally I would laugh … or snicker at least. But now that the 2006 Santa Duc Côtes du Rhône Vieilles Vignes is here, we’ve got a “high-quality” option in the sub 10 dollar zone. As they left, one said to the other, “Wow, how lucky we are to have stumbled upon this place!” She must have said “rabbit, rabbit” this morning. – Peter Zavialoff


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