2008 Santenay Blanc 1er Cru Château de la Maltroye

Oh snap! These are exciting times ’round here! Where to begin??!? Well, let’s see. Last Friday, the first of 3 containers arrived spilling some great new French wines from Burgundy, Alsace, and the outskirts of Bordeaux, PLUS a handful of 2011 Rosés! Also on Friday, The Wine Advocate’s Issue #200 was released highlighting Robert Parker’s synopsis of the 2011 Bordeaux vintage as well as Neal Martin’s view of the Gold Wines from Sauternes and Barsac. Negociants have begun to release pricing for several chateaux already, and we’re actively pursuing the wines that we deem worthy of having “Imported by Wine House Limited” imprinted on their respective back labels. If you are interested in any particular 2011 Bordeaux wine, or have a wish list of wines you’re looking for, please shoot me an email, and (as long as the price is to your liking) we will do our best to source them for you. I’ve been frantically flipping through my tasting books with every release and so far there have been some pretty fair prices on some wines that will bring pleasure for a good time to come. If that’s not enough, our weekend flash sale has us all jostling all over the floor pulling last of stocks off the floor before they over-sell! Never a dull moment around here.

What’s that? Flash sale? Well, what are the deals? There are a bunch! So far, I’ve helped more that a dozen of you selecting wines that fit your respective tastes and price points. When one customer asked me how we could be selling a particular wine for such an amazing price, I answered with, “When I see a price like this the consumer in me takes over and I forget about the business implications.” If you’ve read my ramblings with any regularity, you’re certainly aware of my passion for all things Bordeaux. But just as Anya points out with regularity, if I could drink White Burgundy every day, I would! Generally, when we have sales of this caliber, my eyes dart straight to the White Burgundy section. I’ve said it over and over, it’s way more difficult to find high quality white wine for a good price than it is red. Seriously. Timing being everything, staring at a weekend with temps in the 70’s, it’s a no-brainer that tomorrow will be one of those White Burgundy days! We’ve got a bunch of White Burgs on sale, so which one will it be? The 2008 Santenay Blanc 1er Cru La Comme is a pretty good place to start! We’ve been importing Jean-Pierre Cornut’s wines for some time now, and we recently had a huge success story with Maltroye’s 2009 Santenay Rouge. For White Burgundy, 2008 was THE vintage, and Jean-Pierre’s precision winemaking has resulted in a palate pleasing masterpiece for his 2008 Santenay 1er Cru La Comme! The normally reserved Allen Meadows of Burghound concludes his assessment thusly, “the appeal is heightened by the tension-filled, complex and impeccably well balanced finish. Excellent quality here. – 90 ponts”. We couldn’t agree more. If you love Chardonnay. If you love White Burgundy. Run, don’t walk to this one. Putting this wine on sale will result in its selling out, please accept our apologies when it does.

So Happy White Burgundy Day! Please feel free to peruse our website for more items on sale from Burgundy, Bordeaux, Sauternes, the Rhone, and more! We’ll be here to help you should you have any questions or requests. In between helping you all out, we’ll be working on breaking down that new container to make room for more new wines already on the water headed here to TWH! – Peter Zavialoff

2011 Bordeaux Customers: Please email any inquiries to: peter.winehouse@sbcglobal.net

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