2009 Domaine Bart Marsannay Les Champs Salomon

bartchampssalomonIt’s hard to contain ourselves when new containers arrive here at TWH. Tantamount to asking a 7 year old what they got for their birthday, we’re just rattling off EVERYTHING that we’re tasting from the bins that say “New Arrival” on them. Two weeks ago, I wrote about the (now sold-out) Montagny from Michel-Andreotti. Last week, Anya showcased an “honest and pure” Red Burgundy from Sylvain Langoureau. If you think about it, there’s not much better in the world of wine than affordable Burgundy! So as to not upset the apple cart here, my discovery of the week is … a Red Burgundy! The 2009 Domaine Bart Marsannay Les Champs Salomon was poured into my glass this past week and my reaction? “Well, sure; it’s great! But we’re talking what, 40-50 bucks?” Then they told me the price; ergo I write you all.

I’m certain that we’re not the only wine company operating in such fashion, but I think it’s pretty cool that when I have a question about, say, the 2009 vintage in Burgundy, I don’t need to get lost in a multitude of blogs or websites. I can simply turn around and ask David. He was there. He tasted the wines. Discussing it with him is a heck of a lot better than reading about someone else’s impressions. So this past January, David tasted a dozen or so wines from Marsannay producer Domaine Bart. What did he pull the trigger on? A trio. You’ll soon hear about the other two, but tonight it’s all about the 2009 Marsannay Les Champs Salomon! I’ve been particularly impressed with every 2009 Red Burgundy that I’ve tasted so far, so I already held lofty expectations for the “Salomon” when it was poured for me. Once I took in a whiff of the wonderland, also known as its aromatics, I was lost in the fog. Truly resembling something much fancier, I smelled deep, rich berry-like Pinot Noir fruit within earthy framework tickled by judicious oak spice. It smelled sublime. On the palate it continued to impress with a seamless amalgam of dense fruit, earth, spice, acidity, and silky tannins. Nothing here but pure pleasure. The finish harmonious and lengthy, had I not known it was Marsannay, I might have guessed its price to be upwards of $60. It tasted THAT fancy. Then they told me it could be had for less than $25 by the case, and that’s when I snickered, smiled, and said, “So if I want some for my cellar, what you’re saying is I better pull them now.” I did, so now I can blab about it!

Banging again on the Burgundy drum and loving it!!! We’re all rejoicing in the moment when a newly arrived container from France, chock full of Burgundy, is immediately followed by a new container from Italy. We’re sure to be tasting those wines soon, and when we do, you’ll be hearing all about them! As I said earlier, I’m sure there are other wine companies who are similar, but whether it’s Burgundy, Bordeaux, or Italian trade shows, you can bet that someone here from TWH will be there representin’. Have any questions? Please feel free to ask us. We’re here for you! – Peter Zavialoff

Please feel free to email me with questions or comments about Bordeaux, Burgundy, live music, or the Champions of Europe: peter.winehouse@sbcglobal.net


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