In Stock: 2011 Paul Pernot Bourgogne Blanc

Take a look around. There’s no need for a calendar … it’s August alright. All the signs are there. Seriously, getting home on Saturdays after work is a horror show (why does everybody on the Golden Gate Bridge need to exit into that little parking lot?). Getting a table in what is normally a busy restaurant is a little easier these days. The clincher is the temperature of the treehouse when I get home on worknights. Fortunately, it hasn’t been too hot in my neck of the woods; but when I get home, the first thing I reach for is the refrigerator door. My oh my, it’s a good day when I open the door and find a bottle of Paul Pernot’s Bourgogne Blanc inside.

We’ve gone on and on about Monsieur Pernot’s penchant for cranking out dazzling White Burgundy over the years, and we will continue to import his wines for the unforeseeable future. Here’s the good news: The 2011 Paul Pernot Bourgogne Blanc is now in stock! You know the M.O. It’s here now, but it won’t be around forever. The 2011 Bourgogne Blanc is another notch in the belt (which is full of notches) of successful bottlings that say Paul Pernot et ses fils. The aromas scream White Burgundy with fleshy white fruit (think pear) and citrus blossoms. It’s rich on the palate with a silky feel that is energized by the verve of its acidity. The finish is long and lovely … yep, it’s White Burgundy, folks. What makes Paul Pernot’s 2011 Bourgogne Blanc even better is its price tag. It just doesn’t get much better than that. Not on a warm evening. Not with a crab salad. Not with a rotisserie chicken. Definitely not with shrimp scampi!

I also know it’s August because many of my friends are currently on holiday; including our own Anya and David. Maybe it’s a good thing that Anya wasn’t in the shop today, she may have discouraged me from writing about this wine by accusing me of picking the low hanging fruit. For in the case of anything that says Paul Pernot, it’s just plain easy to recommend his wines and look like a genius. When the price comes to $20 per bottle (by the case) for his 2011 Bourgogne Blanc, we can all be geniuses!Peter Zavialoff
2011 Domaine Paul Pernot Bourgogne Chardonnay
White Wine; Chardonnay; Burgundy;
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15% Off Full Case: 2011 Paul Pernot Bourgogne Blanc
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Speaking of August, I’m so psyched footy season resumes next Sunday with the annual Charity Shield match pinning the Premiership Champions versus the FA Cup Champions … oh yeah, those guys are also Champions of Europe. Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments:

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