2011 Michel-Andreotti Montagny “Les Guignottes”

truckSeptember has been an exciting month here at TWH! A jam-packed container from France (seriously jam-packed) landed recently, and it was loaded with some great wines. You will be hearing all about these wines in the coming weeks, as there are so many top quality bottlings to choose from. I mentioned one of my Super Sleeper, Budget-Friendly Bordeaux Discoveries earlier this week; if you haven’t taken advantage of the great deal on 2009 Château Clauzet, you should sooner than later. I have it mind to unveil yet another S.S.B.F.B.D. next week, and it is every bit as good a deal as the Clauzet. Ah, but that’s next week. For tonight’s email, I’m resorting to plucking off the low hanging fruit once again. In the Clauzet write-up I mentioned that we received a new vintage of a White Burgundy that sold out in what seemed like a week this past spring. I don’t know how long we’ll have it in stock, but as of right now, the 2011 Michel-Andreotti Montagny les Guignottes is available!

jmIn January 2011, David was in Burgundy tasting with negociante Jeanne-Marie De Champs. As is always the case, he tastes the new vintage from the many producers that we here at TWH have been importing for years. But that’s just part of the job. Since we are direct importers, it’s important to keep an eye out for new producers too, as the deals to be found can be a boon to all involved … especially for you, the consumers! One wine that made him do a double-take last year was the 2010 Michel-Andreotti Montagny les Guignottes. It wowed all of us and so many of you that it sold out in a week … actually it was three weeks, but it sure seemed like one. The 2011 version was just released and we put our order in early because we know the demand for sub $20 White Burgundy is a force strong enough to separate a Grizzly Bear from a steak sandwich. Putting that order in early sure paid off, because it was on the new container too!

glassAfter the container’s arrival, we waited until the day when all of us were here in the shop to taste some of the new wines. The first wine on everybody’s list? The 2011 Montagny, of course. I popped a bottle in the cold box at around 3:30pm, figuring that it would have the proper chill right around closing time … when the spitting rule changes from mandatory to optional. Usually when a workday ends, someone takes the ball and runs the end of day reports, just to get a head start on the journey home. Not this day. Not with the 2011 Michel-Andreotti Montagny on the tasting table. We were a sight to behold – a bunch of wine geeks silently swirling and taking in the aromatics of the new wine. Ding! Ding! Another winner! The aromas are fresh and clean, fleshy pear-like fruit, citrus blossoms, stony minerals, and a hint of spice. Then we all took a sip; the palate is crisp and lively, the acidity seamlessly holds hands with the luscious fruit. The harmony persists throughout a perfectly balanced finish. For the price it doesn’t get much better than this. A check of the spit buckets, and as expected, no need to dump them. A look around the tasting table? Nothing but smiles. So there you have it, the 2011 vintage is another winner for the Michel-Andreotti Montagny les Guignottdes


As I was typing this, I overheard Anya proclaim, “Oh wow! It’s already the 15th! How’d that happen?” Tom then reminded us that we’ve got one week of summer left. Oh well, that’s how it goes. Footy season is back, and the Champions’ League starts back up on Tuesday (Wednesday for the reigning European Champions). We’ve got two Wilco shows coming up next weekend, and the odds are good that there will be post-season baseball in the Bay Area this October (touch wood). The change of season is coming, could crab season be far behind? Well, when it arrives, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to want to pour some White Burgundy along side it. Taking the aforementioned entertainment expenses into consideration, the 2011 Michel-Andreotti Montagny les Guignottes is the ticket! Taking no chances, I’m stocking up now. – Peter Zavialoff

Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments about the new container, S.S.B.F.B.D.’s, White Burgundy, or the reigning European Champions: peter.winehouse@sbcglobal.net


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