La Boissiere: Boudinaud’s Cotes du Rhone

thierryThe 2010 Cotes Du Rhone La Boissiere from Domaine Boudinaud is the 3rd vintage we’ve carried. David was instrumental in convincing Boudinaud’s US importer to bring in this wine exclusively for The Wine House after having tasted it several times at the domaine. I’m so glad David persevered and made this happen because La Boissiere is a classic example of southern Rhone perfume, spice and gentle juicy fruit. This past Friday was International Grenache Day and much had been written about how Grenache doesn’t always command the respect it deserves. Case in point, Randall Grahm, the original Rhone Ranger, tweeted, “For me, Grenache has been a bit like the proverbial girl next door. Has taken yrs. to work out how beautiful she is.” I think that pretty much sums it up for a lot of wine drinkers, however my own appreciation for Grenache reads more like love at first sight. Concentrated strawberry fruit, forest floor spice and dusty, chocolate-y tannins, these are the characteristics of Grenache that captivate my taste buds. And it is precisely these qualities that I find abundant in Thierry Boudinaud’s 2010 La Boissiere. Grenache accounts for a little over half of the composition followed by Syrah, then Mourvedre and ending with a tiny bit of Cinsault. This is a harmonious blend evoking wild strawberries, white pepper and garrigue. Spice and elegance are achieved here, moving away from a more modern and over-ripe style of Cotes du Rhone.

anyasartSo along with International Grenache Day, our store’s calendar was marked this week with International Talk like a Pirate Day. Sadly it fell on Wednesday, my day off, so I couldn’t participate or witness the silly antics the guys here usually play on this day. Lots of laughs as you can imagine. Autumn has officially arrived and with it the sun is finally shining bright and warm over San Francisco Bay. I don’t know how many more Sundays I have left returning home with tomatoes from the farmers market- one, two? I’ve been cooking more and more on the stove and occasionally even using the oven. All week I’d been pulling out cookbooks looking for lamb stew recipes; just seems like time to put the Le Crueset to good use and leave it to simmer. Ah, I’ll ask my husband to watch over it during breaks in between NFL and MLB games. I love Sundays! In keeping with the comfort food theme, the 2010 La Boissiere is going to be my wine of choice. A steaming bowl of something yummy and a glass of spicy Grenache…now that’s a brilliant way to end the weekend. —Anya Balistreri

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