2011 Macon Villages From Domaine Mathias

The 2011 Macon Villages from Domaine Mathias is my newest, favorite Friday Night Fish Fry wine. It has lemon blossom aromatics, crunchy, tart apple flavors and the 12.5% alcohol level assures a refreshing, thirst-quenching, body-cooling quality.  Case in point, last Friday temperatures soared in Northern California. I had rearranged my work schedule here at TWH to be off that day so that I could help my husband with his summer sports’ camp for ages K-8. There were close to sixty kids in 100 plus weather; you can imagine the challenges. Fortunately we had an air-conditioned room that we could use to cool down in between games and finished the day with an epic water fight and popsicles – now that’s summer fun! We came home tired and sweaty only to discover that our kitchen faucet had a leak and water was pooling on our brand new hardwood floors. After addressing the crisis, I was famished and very, very, very thirsty for something bright and crisp, but also something that would work as an aperitif and then carry over to dinner. As luck would have it, a bottle of Domaine Mathias’ 2011 Macon Villages was chilling in the fridge, so I poured a frosty glass for myself. Ahhhh… as my stress dissipated the flavors of the wine became more and more vivid and precise. Steely, but with enough citrus and snappy apple to make it charming and easy. The experience was delicious and restorative. 


Domaine Mathias can trace their beginnings to 1894. Today it is the husband and wife team of Beatrice and Gilles Mathias who run the winery. Parents to four children, they are hopeful one of them will one day take over the family business. The Mathias’ 2011 Macon Villages is a classic example from this appellation. Grown on clay over limestone, the vines are on average 25 years old. All stainless steel tank fermented, most of the work for this wine happens in the vineyard where they are transitioning to organic farming. Chardonnay gets most of its attention at the high end of the spectrum in general and deservedly so as sub-$20 Chardonnay is often bolstered and primped to be more than it should be. The market is flooded with oak-chipped, inexpensive Chardonnays with trace amounts of residual sugar. These wines are clearly popular, but I think many wine drinkers who enjoy, dare I say love, Chardonnay are looking for an alternative. Here it is. Clean, precise and authentic, the Mathias’ Macon Villages can go from pre-dinner to main course with little trouble. After my first glass last Friday, grilled bacon-wrapped scallops, prawns and whole-stuffed calamari accompanied the second one. In that blistering heat, a more intense, barrel-fermented Chardonnay would have been too much of a good thing whereas this simple, correct Macon Villages by Domaine Mathias was the perfect choice.

Driving in to work today, I felt my first bit of cool air having spent the last few days in sweltering Sonoma County. Lazy days on the beach and raucous family dinners in the evenings were a much-needed respite. I’m counting the days until our next trip back up which will include bottles of Mathias’ Macon Villages to go along with the fried calamari we promised to make for my Paps. Can’t wait! —Anya Balistreri



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2 responses to “2011 Macon Villages From Domaine Mathias

  1. Danz, Nadine

    Do you have any Massany red?

    • winehousesf

      Dear Nadine,
      Yes, we do carry a couple of red Marsannay from Domaine Bart. Please call us at (800)966-8468 for more information.

      Kind Regards,
      The Wine House

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