Pierazzuoli’s 2010 Chianti Montalbano

Enrico Pierazzuoli is a fortunate man, his family owns not one but TWO wineries in Tuscany! At TWH much attention is paid to Enrico’s delicious reds from his estate Le Farnete in Carmignano. Equally delicious is the humble, honest Chianti Montalbano vinified at Enrico’s estate Tenuta Pierazzuoli, formally known as Tenuta Cantagallo, just a 30-minute train ride heading west from Florence. Tenuta Pierazzuoli is a true working farm where vineyards, olive groves, vegetable crops, and preserved woods exist in harmony. Sangiovese plays the leading role, with newer plantings of Canaiolo, Colorino and a few other “international” varietals adding to the possibilities.



Chianti is probably one of the most recognizable wines in the world. Certainly there are profound Chianti Riservas out there, but practically speaking it is the sub-$20 price point that makes up most of the Chianti market. Much of that is pretty non-descript and un-inspiring, which on one hand is fine, after all sometimes you just want something simple and good to pop open. But then again, why not choose a simple and good Chianti made with integrity and passion by a family that strives to make the best possible wine? Tenuta Pierazzuoli’s 2010 Chianti Montalbano (Montalbano is one of seven sub-zones of Chianti) is made from 100% Sangiovese fermented in stainless steel and then rests in bottle for a few months before release.  I probably shouldn’t admit to this, but with our extensive selection of wines, it is easy to overlook or “forget” about a wine that is a staple. I experienced this short sightedness with the Chianti Montalbano. TWH has been importing this wine for 17 years, so I feel I have a pretty good handle on it. Tisk tisk, I should know better! One day last week, it happened that both my husband and I were working, so my in-laws were kind enough to pick our daughter up from summer camp and generously supplied dinner – rigatoni with meatballs in a Bolognese sauce. At the mere mention of meat sauce I began to crave Chianti. Problem solved, I grabbed a bottle of the 2010 Chianti Montalbano on my way home. The combination of the vibrant cherry fruit and perky acidity of the Sangiovese was so darn good with the food. After a few shovels of pasta followed by a couple glugs of 2010 Chianti Montalbano, I turned to my husband and confessed “you could stick a candle in this and serve this to me for my birthday”. So simple and yet, so perfect. The 2010 Chianti Montalbano shows it’s best side with food as the acidity in the wine compliments tomato-based pasta sauces gracefully. Next time you have a crowd over and you’ve assembled your can’t-miss lasagna, uncork the Chianti Montalbano. Better yet- we’ve got magnums available! So, wipe down that checkerboard oilcloth and enjoy al fresco under the stars! 



Hitting as many classic summertime activities as possible. Days on the beach, well that’s a given, but also played a round of mini-golf, went to the Sonoma County Fair to look at livestock and to get my free scoop of Clover ice cream, and caught a game rooting on the San Rafael Pacifics as they won their 40th game! It’s been an early harvest for grapes in Northern California, so I’m guessing San Marzano tomatoes will be early too. I’ll have to plan for making sauce accordingly. No doubt, I’ll have some bottles of the 2010 Chianti Montalbano waiting for that meal. Abbondanza! —Anya Balistreri

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