From The Mosel: The Wines Of Jakoby-Mathy

Chances are, if you’ve been by the shop or called us up lately, you may have encountered someone new. Working with us here this summer and fall, all the way from his family’s property in the Mosel in Germany, is Stefan Jakoby!  Please join us in welcoming Stefan to San Francisco, and feel free to stop by or drop a line and meet this energetic young gentleman. We turn it over to Stefan:

I am very happy to spend my summer and autumn here in San Francisco with the staff at the Wine House. It is so interesting for me to learn more about international wines and to see another side of the business.

Some of you may know our wines; we’ve been exporting them since 1988. I am proud to recommend them to you.

Our Estate:
Jakoby-Mathy is a small winery in Kinheim, a village in the heart of the Mittelmosel near Bernkastel. Winegrowing in our Family goes back to the 19th century. My father Erich Jakoby took over the Estate with my mother Rita in 1976. Today the Family (Erich, Rita, my brother Peter, and myself) work and run the winery together. We have Riesling and a little bit of Pinot Noir on 4.5 ha of steep slopes that face the Mosel River. Our vineyard sites are in Kinheim (with Rosenberg, Hubtertuslay and Römerhang) and a couple of parcels in Zeltingen (Himmelreich). Our new label is now Jakoby Pur. In English you can call it Pure! Pure is the language and the character of our wines. I think it says all about our wines and our philosophy that you need to know.

We use stainless steel for 75% of our wines, which keeps the freshness and the typical and delicate aroma of our Rieslings. The balance in our cellar is fiberglass tanks with a maximum size of 4000 liters per unit, ensuring low temperatures during the fermentation.



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2 responses to “From The Mosel: The Wines Of Jakoby-Mathy

  1. Sheldon Gartenstein

    Dear Wine House:

    I spoke with Stefan Jakoby last year, when he was an intern in your shop.

    Today, I’m seeking the name and contact info for the US importer of the 2011 to 2013 Jakoby Riesling Kabinett. Can you help me?

    Best Regards,

    Sheldon Gartenstein
    150 East 69th St. – Apt. 8S
    NYC, NY 10021

    Home Phone: 212-600-0672

    • winehousesf

      Hello Sheldon,

      Thank you for reaching out. We will investigate and get back to you with the information you seek.

      Best Regards,


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