Hecquet’s 2012 Montravel Terrement

Daniel Hecquet, winemaker and proprietor of Puy Servain, paid TWH a visit this past May. As long time importers of his wines, Daniel makes it a priority to meet with us every year or two, just as it is important for TWH, that our resident Bordeaux Scout Pete, visits Daniel when in Bordeaux each spring. Daniel is a kind, sincere man, soft-spoken but animated. Daniel has a way of describing his wines to us as if we’ve never tasted them before; his enthusiasm and pride for his wines do not allow him to simply pour a taste. The 2012 Montravel Terrement is a favorite of mine for capturing the energy of zippy Sauvignon Blanc while downplaying its pungent nature. It has an abundance of green melon and under-ripe pit fruit flavors with a delicate, long finish. The herbal notes are present but subtle. Last night I prepared a classic shrimp Louie salad for dinner, choosing the2012 Montravel Terrement to drink alongside. I was impressed at how well-matched the wine was to the sweet shrimp and creamy dressing. 


Daniel Hecquet had always wanted to make wine from his family’s vineyards but it wasn’t until about two decades ago that this dream became a reality.  His grandfather came to the Southwest, Port-Ste-Foy-Et-Ponchapt in the Dordogne, from Northern France in 1914. Though grape growing was part of the estate, raising cattle was the main means of supporting the family. In the early ’80s the Hecquets began making wine from their grapes, but made it at the cooperative. Finally in the early ’90s Daniel was able to start making wine on his own. This happened while he was still working full-time at C.I.V.R.B, the main wine organization for the wine region of Bergerac, as Director and oenologist. Today Daniel devotes his full attention to his wines, making delicious whites and reds that offer great value and quality.

The 2012 Montravel Terrement is mostly a combination of Sauvignon Blanc and Sauvignon Gris.  The pink-skinned Sauvignon Gris adds a round, creamy dimension to the mix. Completely unoaked and vinified with the intent to keep in as much freshness as possible, the 2012 Montravel Terrement delivers a bolt of green freshness but then mellows to a pleasant soft finish. It is my go-to wine for awakening the palate pre-dinner or serving with crustaceans and other water-born creatures. 


Preparations are underway for this week’s upcoming Halloween madness. Our neighborhood is crowded with trick-or-treaters. We get between 200-300 kids at our door. Now that’s a whole lotta candy, let me tell you! I am not sure there is an appropriate Halloween wine, I’ll probably want to start with something light and crisp like the 2012 Montravel Terrement. However when the last trick-or-treater leaves and my own settles down to bed, I might want to sneak a few gooey, sticky candies with something sweet to drink, like Daniel’s 2009 Haut Montravel. A late-harvest, botrytised Semillion that is rich, sweet and tangy. My teeth hurt just thinking about all that sugar … yeah! —Anya Balistreri

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