2009 Le Farnete Carmignano

October 2013. It has been with much excitement that we’ve proudly reported here that we (in the form of David) have found and have begun importing the wines from more than a handful of new producers over the past couple of years. There’s Claudie Jobard, Stephane Magnien, and Philippe Pernot with their lovely Côte d’Or Burgundies; the Côtes Chalonaise producer Michel-Andreotti; northern Rhône producer Stephane Pichat, and Robert Rocchi, with his stable of southern Rhône wines. That is exciting stuff!! If you think about it, that represents a great deal for you. Buying directly from the importer is the best way to get the wines you want for the lowest price in town. We’ve been doing this a long time, and just as excited as we are about all of our new producers, we’re happy and proud to have so many more producers already as a part of TWH family!

We’ve been directly importing the wines from Tuscan producer/winemaker Enrico Pierazzuoli for 20 years now. Why? The quality is high, they speak of a place, and they’re very fairly priced. Enrico has two estates, one in Chianti Montalbano, and the other in Carmignano, west of Firenze. The estates are located in areas with a high wine growing and wine production culture, as stated by the Bando Granducale of 1716, which was issued by Cosimo de’ Medici and is considered the first law in the world declaring specific wine production to come from vineyards in specific prestigious areas. See here for a reproduction of the Bando Granducale. A wine coming from the prestigious DOCG of Carmignano is the 2009 Le Farnete Carmignano. Enrico’s Carmignano has been the stuff of legend around here for years! Both Anya and I having written about it in years past. In a past life I remember drinking some fancy, high falutin’ Super Tuscans which were pretty special, but did they ever leave a mark (in the pocketbook). If you think about it, the Super Tuscan is a relatively new concept, beginning in the 1970’s. Aha! But in Carmignano, they’ve been allowed to grow Cabernet Sauvignon to bolster the indigenous Sangiovese since Cosimo de’ Medici’s Bando Granducale! This wine has a special place in our hearts and on our tables, as it is truly a special wine that has a great history, and best of all, it can be had for less than $20.


2009 was a stellar vintage in Carmignano with wines that show power and concentration, yet they have finesse and can be accessed at present. Enrico’s 2009 Le Farnete Carmignano is alive with expressive purple fruit aromas, hints of smoky incense, and a kiss of the earth. The palate is rich and lively, yet deep, with a good dose of the aromatic complexity, and barely noticeable tannins. The finish is bright and balanced, the fruit and earth persisting. A great food wine, it boggles the mind as to the possibilities … Let’s see, meatballs seem to be all the rage in my world these days; some pork/veal meatballs with an herbal infusion, on a bed of polenta with a rich arrabbiatta sauce along with some sauteed broccolini. Yeah, that’ll be just fine. You’re welcome to try something fancier, but when you get home at 7:00, quick, simple, and delicious is always welcome.

Rumor has it that we’re soon to be celebrating an Anniversary. It’s true, TWH will enter our 37th year of business this weekend. We owe you all a big, giganticTHANK YOU! As we wouldn’t be here without you. We greatly appreciate your continued patronage, as well as the positive feedback we receive regarding our wines and promotions. As we continue to meet and introduce you to new producers, we would like to take the time to focus on the passion and dedication of one of our stalwarts, Enrico Pierazzuoli and his 2009 Le Farnete Carmignano. – Peter Zavialoff 


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