2012 Montagny 1er Cru Les Coeres – Domaine Michel-Andreotti

“You’re moving? Where to?” We’re hearing that more and more these days. Yep, it’s true. After nearly 14 years here on Carolina Street, we’re moving our headquarters to 829 26th Street, which is on the corner of 3rd and 26th Streets in the nearby Dogpatch neighborhood. We’re happy (and relieved) to still be in this part of town, and we look forward to welcoming you to our new location sometime around the end of March!

So, yeah. It is a very busy time here at TWH. Just like with any move, I’m looking around wondering, “How is this exactly possible?” This past week saw me working (and hopefully solving) my favorite puzzle, which is requesting all of my tasting appointments for the upcoming Bordeaux En Primeurs week. Fingers crossed for a confirmation. I still haven’t found the time to report back in regard to the UGC tasting of Bordeaux’s 2011’s, though last week, Anya wrote about my favorite wine tasted that day. My to-do list is looking more like an itemized receipt of a Dirty Dozen purchase, so I’ll be switching gears to full-on Bordeaux speed soon, but for tonight’s Sunday email, I’m sticking with Burgundy. White Burgundy.

It’s been a great crab season so far, and I feel so lucky to have sampled this local delicacy in many forms this winter. It’s great to be part of the team here at TWH, as David continues to sign up new Burgundy producers with new wines!

 When some of those wines pair so well with shellfish, it’s time to indulge! So yeah, new producers – new wines. A year and a half ago, we all flipped over our new Montagny producer, Michel-Andreotti. It seems we weren’t the only ones bowled over by their quality for price, as it sold out quicker than we could blink. It was such a great value that it cracked our Top Ten Wines list in its rookie season! We’re now into our third vintage of Michel-Andreotti Montagny “Les Guignottes” with the 2012, but I recently noticed a slightly different shaped label with the Michel-Andreotti name on it. This one says, 2012 Montagny 1er cru Les Coères. It looks like David has done it again. So this past week, on a day when we were all here, I asked him if we could taste it. Was I happy I did!

At the end of another busy day filled with the stress of the impending move, we all gathered around the tasting table with a bottle. The oohs and aahs full of praise for our first experience with the 2012 Les Coères could only have made David chuckle with pride as he knew he had another winner on his hands, and now his whole team was on board! My initial perception was lots of that fleshy white fruit Chardonnay exhibits, but with a penetrating mineral force, and a little spice which suggested new barrel. I asked David about the oak regimen and he said that of the tiny production (less than 250 cases), only one new barrel was used and that the rest of the juice was vinified in steel tank. So the spice I was picking up was something else. Tom was already well into his glass and praised the soft, delicate mouth feel pointing out that the spice I was picking up was that buttered popcorn aroma which is a product of the malolactic conversion. And he’s spot on here; as I took my first sip, the wine landed with a pleasant caress. Anya too remarked upon the gentleness of the palate, yet pointed out the complexity of peach and apple blossom that emerge because the wine is light and elegant. Let’s just say that Chris gave me a hard time when I took the unfinished sample bottle home. It was Premier Cru White Burgundy after all, one he enjoyed very much. David enjoyed his sample with a smile and a nod of approval. Then we checked the price, $24.99. Premier Cru white Burgundy for less than $25. Or $21.24 per bottle by the case, wow!!! This all led me to think, “Dang. We should have filmed this.” Maybe next time. Come to think of it, our new location will have a far more film-friendly staff tasting area … hmmm.

So there you have it. It’s what we do.  For over 36 years, our team here at The Wine House has been tasting copious amounts of samples, both here and abroad, selecting only the very best to offer to our customers. You can always count on that. No matter our location, first on Bryant Street, then Carolina Street, and coming soon to The Dogpatch. We keep the bar pretty high for a reason. That’s how one stays in business for 36 years. – Peter Zavialoff

Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments about Moving, 2011 Bordeaux, the upcoming Bordeaux trip, or today’s stroke of good fortune at the Bridge: peter.winehouse@sbcglobal.net


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