Boudinaud’s 2012 Syrah Grenache

“We tried the 2012 Syrah Grenache; WOW is it great!”. That’s how I was greeted when I came into work on Thursday. I hadn’t yet tried the 2012 Syrah Grenache from Boudinaud myself, but I had taken home a bottle over the weekend. I was planning on opening it soon anyway, but with such a resounding endorsement from the crew, I was compelled to open it that evening. When it comes to trying out new vintages of our value-priced direct imports, I don’t like being the odd man out. Deeply relieved, I too found the wine to be delicious. Relieved? Yes, relieved because Boudinaud’s Syrah Grenache is my ‘house red’ as it were. When in doubt or not sure what meal plans lay ahead, I know I can’t go wrong with this versatile, charming red.

I wouldn’t say the 2012 Syrah Grenache is a departure from past vintages, but it clearly has more stuffing to it and a distinctly Rhone-like herby thread that weaves through the nose and palate. David remembered that the 2012 Syrah Grenache is for the first time 100% de-stemmed and is what probably gives the wine the added dimension. The fruit is redolent of black and red berries, fresh and bright but not tanky; it is more akin to a Cotes du Rhone than the average Southern French fighting varietal. Boudinaud’s winery is located in Fournès, a small village between Avignon and Nîmes, and very near the famous Pont Gard. Boudinaud’s vineyards are both within the Cotes du Rhone appellation and just next to it. The 2012 Syrah Grenache is more than fairly priced with lots of personality and a sense of place. 


Next month, along with my siblings, I will be throwing a 60th Wedding Anniversary party for my parents. It will be a daytime garden affair. The menu will include a whole spit-roasted pig and salmon. So far, the 2012 Syrah Grenache is my front runner for the red selection. I think it will go equally well with the fish and animal. And because this is a daytime event, I don’t think a heavy powerful red is appropriate or necessary.  I like the freshness and liveliness of the tank-fermented Boudinaud Syrah Grenache. It will be a far more pleasant drink and food companion than something with stronger tannins and oak. Plus, as I tried to convey above, this red is not lacking in the fruit department; it has plenty of WOW factor. Anya Balistreri

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